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Costas Daoutis - 2021-10-22
i like to buy parisian frills sent to calgary canada

Costas Daoutis - 2021-10-20
i like io buy persian and other parisian caneris male and female i live in calgary canada

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Oyola Glosters - 2015-09-06
I have top quality Gloster Canaries only a few pairs left great coronas and Consorts available no low ballers please Thanks Oyola Glosters 845-544-8201

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  • jimmy - 2016-03-20
    i want to buy 1mail and 2femails please and how much are thy club ring
  • Sandi - 2016-06-04
    I am looking for a Blue Male Gloster canary. Can you help me?
  • Ian armstrong - 2016-06-06
    Hi reading your add I am interested in your floaters I live in aberdeen but willing to pay for courier would you be interested cheers ian
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Rick - 2021-10-01
Hi everyone, a month ago I got a dozen of Norman's lampeyes that are since week 2 constantly spawning in my 70l tank. At that time it was enough putting a mop inside the tank and then, once in a week, I collect the eggs and save them in little plastic containers (like those for takeaway food) with a little water from the main tank and accordingly to the date they have been collected. The first batch is about to hatch and I now need indications on how to raise them (water volume of the tank, type of filter and so on...) properly. Is there anyone who experienced successful fry raising here and who would help me through this critical times? Thanks in advance for any of your precious tips

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Nan Borton-Smith - 2021-09-26
I live outside of Jacksonville Fl and have Chorkie pups on the way. The mother is 9lb Chorkie with beautiful chestnut hair, white socks, blaze and white at the tip of her tail. She has amber eyes surrounded by gray/blue ring. She is whip smart, awesome with human infants and children and very loving. For some reason she was easily potty trained. She is short haired
The Daddy is a young 8 month old very distinct Parti Yorkie with eyelashes that are different colors all white on one side black on the other eye, Jax is full bred and paper eligible.
If you are interested in puppies or looking for outstanding stud please shoot me a msg on FB instant messenger (same as user name.
These are incredibly smart, inquisitive, loving dogs - for pups there will be a home environment screening as well as history as a pet owner.
This was an accidental breeding but the Vet predicts healthy puppies even with Jax at 8 months .. I guess he could’ve done 5he job at 4 months.

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Shashwat Pradhan - 2021-09-21
Want to setup a tank...Can I keep 2inch yellow severum in 1feet tank? Just for information.

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Anonymous - 2021-09-19
i have had a spotted raphael cat fish since i started my tank in 1994. i know he is at least 27 years old. i also had a striped raphael that lived about 18 years.

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Kafo Anis - 2021-09-14
We have very tamed hand raised grey squirrels for sale. They do not go outside. They have a very excellent temperament (play with the cats). They can sit for hours while you pet them. If you have to squirrel proof the house for chewing then it's okay, but they have their own bedroom in our library (top shelf in a basket of my scarfs). We have to know they will be loved and taken care of. You can text me at 323-8597851, and we will provide videos of how tame and charming she is. Anis

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carson beshears - 2021-09-10
sonney died by my cat he was one and we put the cat in the garage and we let him go out side i miss sonney he was really a great bird.

carson beshears - 2021-09-10
my bird sonney he died when he was one i made a book about him


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