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Sue - 2017-06-10
Has anyone ever had a Black Moor Goldfish that it's eyes popped off?

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  • Anonymous - 2017-09-02
    Yes me my gold one has no eyes what do I do about it
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Brij kishor - 2017-08-30
Hi i want a scarlet macaw parrot male chick for 2-3 month's hatched. If do you have so please send me it's video or pics with details as price, sex, age and eating situation etc...

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Savanna - 2017-08-28
I have 3 of these fish (all the store had) along with some ember tetras, white cloud minnows, ghost shrimp and a betta. The beauty of cardinal tetras cannot be overstated when provided with an optimal environment.I recently picked up fish keeping again after a hiatus due to divorce, and went our of my way to get cardinals. All of the tetras get along so far and more or less swim together, along with the white clouds,and they are definitely the star of the school. I have a few tall and medium live plants ranging from swords to wisteria and more and they really seem quite content. I've only had them a few months but they have been fairly easy for me to keep happy. I take great care to measure my tank chemistry every other day and do 20% water changes roughly once a week, and all decor other than live plants is cleaned once every 2 to 3 weeks. I feed a mix of bloodworms, micropellets and an enriched flaked food (as well as a couple of sinking pellets for shrimps.) My bettas pretty much ignores the others. I've kept bettas males and bettas sorority tanks before and was thinking of adding two more female bettas (the one in the tank is female.) But I digress... Cardinals,highly recommend for adding distinct beauty to your tank. Would definitely make sure you have plenty of plants and rock formation decor for them. In my opinion, easier to keep than this article suggests, but I've been keeping fish a long while so maybe it's just second nature now. :)

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Emy Garza - 2017-07-15
I am searching for a squirrel. I have raised some in the past and they recently passed away ;( I am little located in Texas. :)

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  • Emy - 2017-07-15
    **I am located in Texas
  • freddie poer - 2017-08-30
    Where in Texas are you located? I have three baby fox squirrels that are just about ready to wean. Feel free to contact me at
Lisa - 2017-07-15
I am looking for a squirrel. I have been in search for a squirrel for a long time and I haven't had any luck. The baby will be treated like an angel. I have rescued and raised some in the past and I just fell in love with them! I am located in Texas. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Tammy Watkins - 2017-07-30
    IM in search as well, I just lost my sweet Sully... he was the very best pet I've ever owned. So hard to find. If I find more than 1 I'll let you know.... I miss my little friend so very much, truly the very best pet... mine slept under my pillow.
  • freddie poer - 2017-08-30
    where in Texas are you located? I have three baby fox squirrels that are just about ready to be weaned. We are in central Texas. My email is
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John Latham - 2015-07-23
Looking to buy peacock bass please contact me thanks

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  • ROBERT H. MEARS JR. - 2017-08-30
    I bought 5 peacock bass 4 inches long from website
    Called. Pet zone
    all fish arrived healthy good company
    I paid $29.00 each for them
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Sarah - 2017-08-11
I want to buy an American Singer canary from a breeder near me in 02184 zip code.

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Siobhan mooney - 2017-08-13
Hi I have a suit zue dog and she sleeps With me every nite and I love her so much And she loves me she is my best friend for life I have her ten years My dad got her for me 27th of August 2007

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Elde - 2017-08-14
Hi there! I just want to ask about bubble nest. Because i always see bubbles sticking to the leaves of my artificial plant, but after sometime it disappears.. Do you think it is a bubble nest? Now i dont have a female gourami, only male.

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Somerzby - 2017-08-14
Rabbits are a lot stronger than guinea pigs and can easily hurt or even kill a guinea pig without meaning to, simply by kicking out with their powerful back legs or jumping over the guinea pig. The rabbit may also bully the guinea pig. Sometimes guinea pigs ingest rabbit fur which can cause them problems.


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