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Crocoduck - 2017-09-07
I have a small marbled lungfish about 10', but it got attacked by my Terrapin which is about the same size, maybe larger. The fish got two of its 'legs' bitten off halfway, along with the tip of its tail. Mine is an P. A. Congicus, and I have two blood parrots and a short-body oscar in my pond along with a 10-year old red-eared slider. What would you recommend I do with my lungfish? Will the 'legs' and the tail grow back and what medication should I use for him? And at which size would he be safe to return to the pond? The blood parrots and the oscar usually stay at mid-surface level, so they most likely would not be attacked by the lungfish.

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Pugal - 2017-09-07
Nice to have this smart active fish

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Anonymous - 2017-09-09
Looking to buy a female rose-haired tarantula!!

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Willamena King - 2017-09-09
I have had my Blue Gourami for three or four year, she is one of my favourite fish. She is the queen of the tank, but not in the way that she chases the others or anything like that. She is peaceful, as is the Pearl Gourami that she lives with. She Sometimes gets a bit flighty, and I find my self needing to readjust the decorations tank so that she feeling more comfortable. That said she has also taken food from my fingers too. I have enjoyed having Blue, she was the first Gourami that I ever had.

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turtle johnson - 2017-09-10
I like turtles and horses and mustangs and my horse turd!

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Theresa A Wright - 2017-05-16
My daughter is moving to Evanston,Ill in September and I would like to gift her with a Hotot bunny upon her arrival. Are there any litters planned for that time, in that area? She's prefer a male, I think, but a little girl would be nice, too. Show quality is not needed.

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  • Beverly Leidner - 2017-09-09
    I have some pet quaility available.
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Merle Hatley - 2016-04-17
My little Poquita (Poqui) is a 16 mo old female papillion chihuahua mix that was given to me about a year ago.  I have had a cocker spaniel, pekinese, toy poodles, yorkshire terriers and a shitz tsu. These were all wonderful dogs and I have so many loving memories of all of them.  As you can probably tell I am a dog loving nut case.  I now have 2 pomeranians (Rascal and Katrina), a chihuahua yorkie mix (Baby) and Poqui.  I also have a cat (Mr. Meow).  Poqiu took to her new family immediately.  She loves them all but especially Baby who watches out for her as she is very active and impish.  She can jump on the bar stools and on to the counter so nothing is safe from her.  Mr. Meow and her love to wrestle and chase each other all over the house. She even gets Rascal, who is 14 yrs old and arthritic, to play with her. She is the most active yet lovable dog I have ever been around. She really knows how to cuddle.  I have never had a better dog and recommend this breed over any other.  

I am thinking of getting her bred to a little chihuahua the next time she comes in heat.  She just finished a heat last week but I thought it was to soon.  I also dont to do anything that would have detrimental effects on her health.  She is such a wonderful addition to my life.  

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  • Kathleen - 2017-09-08
    I had a chiion and when she was 10 years old I took her to the vet and they gave her a rabies shot and she died a few days later. I am heartsick and please let me know if you decide to breed your dogs. Where are you located? Thank you so much. Kathleen
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My jaguar cichlid is lying at the bottom of the tank. Is it breeding or is it sick? ? I can't tell. . . Help me please! ! !

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-27
    First thing to do is check you water conditions.  If you don't have a test kit, a local pet shop will normally test it.  How is the fish breathing?
  • Fishboi69 - 2013-01-15
    He's relaxing :)
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-15
    If he's eating and you don't see anything on him to indicate an illness, he's probably just resting.
  • Zatnik - 2017-09-05
    It might be cold. Mine did that in the winter when the heater couldn't keep up. Once they warmed up they went back to their usual behaviour*.

    *Chasing the cats around.
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ankitroy - 2013-06-01
Can a flowerhorn be introduced in a community tank, with a silver aro(2 ft) and a ghost knife(13 inch) and a giant gourami(7 inch) tank size 450 gallons.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-02
    Well, we just talked about your three fish in the comments on the Giant Gourami page, so given that... and the info above about this fishes social behaviors (not community and aggressive). I think you can conclude it would be quite  risky:)
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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-09
Does anyone think it would be a good idea to add an Oman to my 55gal tank that consists of two tomato clowns, a snowflake eel, and an African red starfish? If not what clown fish, and if no clown fish what fish?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-04-12
    Tomoato clowns don't do well with other types of clownfish because of being territorial and aggressive, so I would recommend against adding an Oman.
  • Steve - 2017-09-04
    No other clownfish, but a sand sifting go y is always the way to go

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