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MarkFish - 2019-11-14
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Anonymous - 2017-08-10
We are going on a cross country trip that could last up to 2 weeks. We want to take our Pineapple Cheeked Conure with us because she bites everyone else & would be hard to care for. Do they travel in a car well? We have a smaller cage for travel, like to the vet, etc.

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  • mike - 2019-11-09
    I make a 3 hour trip one way each week (so 6 total per week) and mine sits on my shoulder the entire way, although he is used to it after doing it so long. my suggestion would be just put him in the travel cage and cover the cage with a sheet or something light, most birds travel just fine this way.
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clive heldzingen - 2013-09-25
I have 2 feeders in my garden. The black and white whydah chases all the other finches away. how do I solve the problem. I try to chase the whydah away but this doesn't work

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  • Carol Smit - 2019-11-18
    Yes we also now have a problem in Boksburg with one solitary Pintail Whydah he bombards all the other birds and we are afraid they will disappear. Going to move the Bird feeders to the front garden & see if that works??? unless anyone has any other ideas s there seems to be no let up with this one.
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Unknown123 - 2019-11-14
i think that this had helped me a lot, i'm doing a organ pipe coral for my report and this information was very useful thanks!

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Ossksksmak - 2019-11-24
My blue masked lovebird is a male, but I don’t know if he’s young or old? His beak is a strong blush pink if that helps. How do I know if he’s young or not?

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L Mcvey - 2019-11-22
Don’t try to purchase any squirrels, raccoons or other animals from the people with the phone number listed here (434)233-4396. They will say other people have stolen their website, that is why they don’t have one, and used their information to take peoples money. They are lying! They are the ones taking people’s money. They promised to ship us two squirrels. We sent them the deposit. Then they want us to send us more money before we received our squirrels which was not what was agreed on. They didn’t want to ship them in case we wouldn’t pay them. They didn’t refund our deposit because they changed the offer.

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medo - 2019-12-30
hi, I have a male and a female eclectus, and they have more than one baby but recently I noticed the male attack the female and his aggression towards her. I don’t know why i separated them from each other for months and I prepared them but to no avail the male attacks female agen and I don’t know what to do, please help me

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Sacha - 2017-08-17
My brother in-law got two silver cat fish and one of them is just swimming up rite and his dorsal fin is redish and I think is blood ??? Not sure the other fishes are poking him and he just swims to the filter bubble's is he died ???

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  • Bailey - 2019-12-31
    Hello, I realize this was awhile ago, the same thing happened to my sons Columbia’s Shark, Wayne. He went to feed him this morning and his first dorsal fin is all red and he’s floating upright. Breathing and everything seems okay but he’s not swimming. What was your outcome?
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adeline - 2015-03-20
Hello to all we do have some blue and gold with some harlequin macaws available. So do get back to me in case you need any. Very legit and the birds come along with cage and we offer cash discounts. Thanks get back by text or call asap (7867040264)the are eggs available too.

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  • Catherine Donoghue - 2019-12-31
    Where in the world are you, I’m weighting for birds to lay but if there’s a chick I can buy before it would be great
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Trudie - 2013-01-26
I am living in South Africa and have 3 bags of good quality white angora fur to sell but I don't know where to start. I have been on the internet but could'nt find any buyers to contact.

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  • Qasim - 2020-01-01
    Sir, I want to buy. I have my WhatsApp number Can you contact me....... +923338123361

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