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david - 2014-12-06
Want to buy sliver dollar fish male and female.

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  • Anonymous - 2019-12-18
    I also want to by some
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hamza ali - 2017-08-26
Hello!I want to buy macaws from you.I want macaws urgently.Please response me quickly as soon as possible

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  • mullins - 2017-09-11
    hello parrots birds available for sales
    African grey
    Amazon double headed yellow
  • neil - 2019-12-16
    I am interested in a baby macaw. how much and where are u located. Thanks Neil
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Joe - 2019-04-12
Looking for a young pair of genuine Spanish Timbrados to breed.

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  • Michael Hollis - 2019-08-27
    Hi, I have young Spanish Timbrado male and females for sale. I would not recommend breeding this pair as they are brother and sister. However, if you would like to get your male or female from me I have some.
  • TREVOR ORD - 2019-12-15
    hi did you get your canaries where abouts are you ? thanks
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rita paton - 2015-06-14
I'm looking for a female southern flying squirrel. I have 3 adults, 2 male, 1 female. I have 10+ year experience with them. I live in Inverness florida and will be willing to travel.

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  • janet wright - 2015-07-24
    Contact me st 813 3914092 I have a female that I am looking for her a good home
  • Valerie - 2015-08-17
    I have a female, is this for breeding purposes.
  • LouAnne - 2015-12-03
    I have 3 young flyers, 2 female and a male. I am looking to trade the male for another male. I love my babies but don't want to chance inbreeding.
  • Anonymous - 2016-10-31
    Question? You have 10 years experience Ann's I'm a beginner.i have a rescued grey squirrel.. my fiance and I found on a walk one night when he was only about 2 weeks ok eyes and ears still closed. He is now roughly 4 months old. He had airways been my baby and one day attacked me after I got home and let him out he actually few blood. I'm used to the razor sharp claws and play fighting but he's never done this. He has Becker ever done this. I've fine all my research and gotte his diet right and yes i know your not suppose to keep them as pets but he isn't supposed to be released until 18 weeks And that's the dead of winter where I live in December... But he's not ready yet. Do you have any answer to why this could have happened.
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    If you have any flyers, I'm looking for both males and females. 615-519-3383
  • Chris - 2019-12-15
    I have southern flying squrrils they were just winged from momma they are hand tame I live in lake pannasoffkie sumter county bout 13 miles from inverness I would like to get 200 a piece but will come down if u get in the next 24 hours 300 let me know ty
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Brooke - 2019-12-13
I have a yellow and black striped catfish and he is not yellow he's pink and I don't know why. If someone knows please let me know what i can do and if hes sick or not.

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ranee - 2008-07-27
Hello, I am having a problem with my giraffe hap....He has lost his color, not eating and his mouth is opening and closing rapidly. He hides out in a corner now and is not eating. I am so worried for him, please help if you have any idea whats going on.

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  • Cade - 2019-12-12
    Your tank is more then likely containing to many nitrates and nitrites. A simple way of fixing this is to take 30 ml of your fish tank water to the nearest fish shop and majority of fish shops can do tank water tests which will tell you what your tank is containing to much of and they can direct you in the right way of showing you what treatments that you can put in the tank every certain amount of days to eliminate what is making your fish struggle. Within a week you should go back to the store and test the again to get a opinion on how much your tank has improved and how much longer you will need to apply the treatment to your tank so your fish is healthy. Also note down to the pet shop anything that has appeared to be unusual on your tank
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Ryan Fiorentino - 2015-06-20
Hi everyone, I just adopted a 3 yr old blue heeler named Jenkins! I am very very exited and have already taking to him very very much. I don't have the whole picture on Jenkins past or previous owners, but to my knowledge he hasn't ever had an owner. Also, he has spent his life escaping from shelters/fosters and has never really bonded with someone. He doesn't have a single ounce of aggression in his body or barely makes a noise! Now, I'm in the first week of adoption and looking for pointers on how to gain his trust in me and let him know he is safe and sound! Also, since he is afraid of cars, loud noises, other dogs and such, he doesn't feel comfortable going on walks. Do you think it would be best to grow his trust before we start going on walks/hikes? Keep in mind his track record of escaping and running away, but I feel bad keeping him inside all day! Thank you so much for ANY and ALL pieces of advice!

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  • Wayne - 2019-12-11
    Glad to see a good home for Jenkins!
    Lots of love..lots of affection..overly praise his successes and
    Be loving in your discipline...
    They are independent and have their own mind..give them that and
    Then gently insist on your way..
    Cattle dogs are cautious by nature,like a Dingo or a coyote..its a
    Survival time he will trust you..dont give up
    Itll be worth it..
    Truly they are the best dogs you'll ever loyal and courageous.
    Love will both find a best friend in each other.
    Hope that Buddy is turning 4 this march..Best Dog Ever!
    Good Luck!
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Bryan - 2019-12-10
Born :2018
Feed:live mouse

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Patricia Meza - 2019-12-09
Birds for sale

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Nicolas reymond - 2019-12-09
Triats:aziet albino100%
Feed:live mouse
Contact for more details whatsApp:(5172581315)


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