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Smithd281 - 2014-05-05
I've been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thanks, I'll try and check back more frequently. How frequently do you update your site?

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  • Typicalcat66 - 2019-12-26
    You, my pal, ROCK! I found just the information I already searched everywhere and simply couldn't find it. What a perfect site.
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Larson - 2014-10-30
these rabbits are not purebred because they're papers were never finished but they are very nice rabbits we would like 25 dollars each we have brown white and black.

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  • Sue Reilly - 2014-11-07
    Do you still have the Flemish Giants? Where are you located? I have a white Flemish with blue eyes (Sapphire). I would love to have another. I am an experienced rabbit owner (over 25 years). All of my rabbits are kept in the house with lots of outdoor playtime during the day. Generally, I spoil them rotten!
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falzone - 2019-12-23
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Haris - 2019-12-22
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Mikahyla Messick - 2019-12-20
Hi guys

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Anonymous - 2019-12-19
My fiancé and i pulled over to take a look at an adoption truck in a parking lot in our small city one day. We’d been discussing a playmate for our other cat. When we got there there was a mother with kittens and one kitten caged alone shaking in fear from all the barking of the dogs. So i pointed to him and said hes so scared and all alone. My fiancé asked to see him and he instantly crawled up under his short beard for safety. Needless to say his heart broke for the baby and he wouldn’t let him go so I did the paperwork and found out he was only 3-4 weeks old. I was curious why they separated him from the rest and quickly found out. While he wasn’t weened and tried to suckle regularly he was a huge eater. We feed him with a syringe for a week adding tiny bits of soft food within a week he was eating on his own and switched to hard food without a hitch. After he chased our full grown dog into her kennel at a week old we named him Kimbo after Kimbo Slice the fighter as he had no fear! He slept daily wrapped around my neck and chest like a furr coller in July I almost wish I hadn’t had to pull him away. He would climb the dog chewing on an ear or wagging tail with glee. I kept telling my fiancé I swear he’s bigger than he was yesterday and he thought I was imagining it, but within the next two months he had joined the bandwagon; both of us wondering what we brought home because he was still increasing rapidly. Now at 7 months we know. Large as a full sized cat its hard sometimes to remember he's a baby. He’s still growing with huge paws and a ringed tail but is a picture of a tabby Maine Coon. I always wanted one but I’m an adopter with so many in need I’ve only bought one pet in my life from a breeder. Kimbo is a stereotypical Maine Coon in that he is MY cat and will be affectionate towards my fiancé ( especially at dinner) but he sleeps stretched out at night his back to my front. He is shy around strangers and tends to hide. I can do almost anything I want to him but he’s a little less trusting to others. He is so precious to me I’ve forgotten what life was like without him. He loves meat; lunch meat, any leftovers from dinner just like a dog. But he goes CRAZY for my fiancé’s smoked meats he makes especially the pork roast and brisket. And with a full belly of smoked meat he won’t leave my side all night long sleeping hard and content! We introduced him to another cast off kitten we ended up with who is a polydactyl calico runt of the exact same age, and he cooed in front of her kennel for nights instantly in love. They are a true Mutt and Jeff combo but they play hard and love hard. Curled together for naps running room to room they are almost inseparable. And when I cry Kimbo runs to comfort me. He is so easygoing and lovable, huge, handsome, playful, and precious I fear I will never love another like I do him. Im so glad we stopped that day and cant wait for all our experiences to come! Kimbo thank you for making my life so full and rich. I hope everyone else gets to feel like this someday!

pat - 2010-02-21
I just love Pumpkin, my maine coon. He is about 6 to 8 yrs old and he is a wonderful loving friend for me and I did decide to keep him in as a house cat because of where I live. He sleeps by me and lays next to me wherever I go. At one time he must have been hurt because of his one rear hip, runs but has a little problem with that hip. But right now I am having a real problem with him not eating and it is mainly the dry food I cannot seem to get him to enjoy and today he came out from sleeping and meowed at me and was telling me that he was hungry. Yes he eats some moist food but I cannot get him to eat a dry food. He drinks some water but not enough I don't think, and of course his stool has not been much. Has urinated quite a bit. You say they are not hard to feed but he is giving me run for my money. Have fed him Friskies and Natural food from a pet store and he does not like any. Is it time to take him to the vet? He is my big orange and white fluffy buddy.

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  • shirley ross - 2010-07-08
    I'm sorry to say that he may possible have kidney disease. If you get him to the vet for test, and he is in early stages, you can continue to have him around for years. Or he could have a tooth problem, and need dental work. Dry food is not good for cats, no matter what has been previously stated. It can cause kidney disease. I know, because my 16 year old has had kidney disease for 6 years, and with careful monitoring.......testing, giving fluids with an i.v. under the skin,( you can easily learn to do it......she is your baby!) proper diet, and many trips to vet, she has held out 6 years past what she was supposed to. He has all the symptoms, drinking a lot of water, not eating, and urinating huge quantities. More goes out than they can drink........that's why the sub q fluids. It's very important to get his bowels moving so that the toxins that normal kidneys would filter. I just stumbled upon this site, so email me if you like.
  • casey Forest - 2014-09-27
    Sounds like a kidney problem how ever I am not a vet.!!!! PLEASE dont wait take him to a vet specaliazing in cats! I also have a maine coon cat a solid 36 lbs. They can have kidney heart or hip problems. Ask your vet to recomend a high QUALITY food. Most grocery store food brands w the exception of Iams is considered kitty junk food. GOOD LUCK a good vet is even better. Casey Forest
  • Carla Wade - 2019-12-19
    Mam you should really look up Maine Coon on the internet. Hip dysplasia and kidney issues are both listed in Wikipedia as health issues for this breed of cat. Im so sorry to hear of these issues so early but your kitty could possibly need medical attention.
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Mindy - 2014-03-28
Today I was promised a maui sunset macaw and the guy sent pictures to me of the bird that I was getting. I sent 600.00 by money gram to the guy. I was told the bird was gonna be to me in 7 to 8 hours. I was told he was giving me a great deal because I didn't want the little lady for breeding just my forever companion. The money included the shipping. Granted I had never had a bird shipped before so I didn't know about it. I got scammed out of the money. After the guy had my money then he said I had to send another 1200 dollars for the insurance for the bird to get to me safely then the money would be refunded back to me. I sent him all of my money that was saved up except for the money for the food. I now have no money and no bird. Now I can't even try to get another sunset macaw because he has my money. I was so excited about having my sweet loving forever companion now I only have a broken heart. Please be careful on giving money out to anyone expecting to get your companion. Don't end up with a broken heart like me.

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  • Michael - 2014-04-01
    Hi I almost fell for the same scam but from Namibia. I have a Red fronted Macaw Male in Namibia. It is the only one in Namibia. The only place I can get one is in South Africa and it costs R 14.000.00. The transport and quarantine will cost me R 16.000.00 and it is not worth it. So I am going to put Blue and Gold with my bird to get a Sunset Maui macaw.
  • Vinnie - 2014-07-20
    Don't Ever Ever Ever Wire Money to Strangers to buy something you saw on the Internet. They are all mostly SCAMS !!! Please Parents -- Tell your teenagers and children to beware of SCAM Internet ads and that they should only buy in person from Sellers that you can meet in person. 90% of all Sellers who want you to send them western union money are all crooks and con-artists and you will never, never, never receive whatever it is they were pretending to sell you. -- These thieves pack the classified ad sections of internet web sites with their fake ads selling non-existent pets, cars, boats, and even pretend to be landlords who will rent you houses - (they pull the addresses of vacant homes from real estate web sites).
  • Deborah St. John - 2015-09-29
    i am so sorry to hear this. I just bought a Catalina Macaw, and I would have been so upset if I hadn't gotten my bird.
  • Miranda - 2016-04-10
    That's really a shame that this happened to you. My father has two macaws for sale for 2000. If you do ever try again to buy birds I would never give that much money upfront. If you end up wanting to ever buy macaws again we are in northern Illinois. Please feel free to email me. Miranda88072015@gmail. Com
  • JOHN COLLENTINE - 2019-12-19
    I am sorry to read about your experience. It also happened to me. I did a little research and found out that most birds for sale on the internet are a scam. People suck. I still want my bird but will only hand over money when I'm holding the bird
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Sandra Mathis - 2019-06-11
How much and do you ship

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  • Avinash - 2019-12-19
    Looking for a forever home for this blue an gold. The owner of this bird passed away and I'm caring for the bird now. I just don't have the time this bird needs. I believe the bird is a female with it's small frame. She does talk some, no bad talking. Loves to be out of her cage and hang out on a large stand. Once she warms up to you she steps up so easily. I would like for her to go to someone that has worked with macaws/ large birds before. I would feel better having the bird go to someone that knows what to expect and their needs. Cage can go with her. No shipping. $800.
    For more information please, email me with
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Arona barnes - 2019-12-18
I want to buy or rescue a chino or Papillion or long haired chihuahua.


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