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Richard Cartier - 2019-07-29
After a ton of research, I came to the conclusion that I could add some damsels but should do it as one of the last additions. The concerns some expressed were that they could tend to be territorial. So I added three yellow tails and at first they all seemed to get along well with my Chromis, Clownfish, Blenny, Goby and PJ Cardinals. After a not-too-long time, however, the two larger ones became VERY territorial and were constantly harassing most of the other fish..even the smallest Damsel. Over time, it became apparent that the community was suffering because of them so I decided they had to go. After several weeks of trying and failing to capture them, I finally resorted to removing all the rock and about half the water in order to be able to corner them. I only caught two (somehow the smallest managed to hide somewhere!) and I 'put them to sleep' using the Clove Oil treatment (the most humane way to euthanize fish) and as soon as all was put back together the rest of the community came to life. They are now happily exploring ALL areas of the tank and seem to be happier already. The smallest yellow-tail came out of wherever he was hiding and for now is mingling peacefully. But at the first sign of him turning unruly, out he goes. Despite their beauty, I completely regret having added them in the first place, andI will never add another.

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Lee - 2019-08-12
Your reccomended water change quantitys are way off. There is no good way to keep a healthy cichlid tank with such small weekly water changes. I do 70% every 5 days and have been for years often even more as long as the water temprature is the same and the water is adequately treate there is no issue.

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Donna - 2019-08-04
Hello, my Meyers, Henny, she started out Henry as we thought she was a boy. She will be 20 October 28th. She was about 3-4wks old and I hand fed her. Evidently breeder was not reputable, unknown to me. However, her Avian vet says she is very healthy and the prettiest little girl. But aren’t they all gorgeous! She talks, but doesn’t enunciate well, thank goodness!shes super affectionate but.apparently that led to a very hormonal bird. She had her first, and hopefully last dose of a hormone control arc. She is so much more relaxed. She’s very smart and intuitive, but she can be a pistol! One of our special times was when I was teaching her to say I love you. I repeated it frequently and when she said it back I said I love you too, to which she returned, I love you too too!!! Sometimes she’ll string five along. She is the light of my life. I hope I haven’t put you to sleep!! It’s just how often do you speak to someone who has a Meyers in there life. I so enjoyed reading your comments. I am so sorry to hear of the little 7yr old who payed. Sorry I don’t remember your name and couldn’t get back to other comments.

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Avery - 2019-08-27
I have three zodiac loaches and once they get used to the tank they come out more and are really fun to watch.

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Claire - 2009-09-03
Servals shouldn't be pets. They're wild animals, they could hurt a person if they got angrey, or worst case sernario maybe even eat a small person ex. baby. I'm not exactly sure. But my point is servals are wild animals and don't belong in our homes. The same goes for other big cats and other wild animals, they don't belong in our homes and our neighbor hoods!

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  • 9mm - 2010-03-21
    whats the diff between owning a wild animal or a dog, a dog could easily kill a person, but they dont because they are taimed from infancy , if u get a baby servel it will grow up taimed. there is no difference. "domestic animals" are not "domestic" when they r first born, they are trained.
  • Ted Nugent - 2010-05-13
    Are you a member of PETA? Because you sound like a far left-goof ball. A Serval is a medium sized cat that eats small Rodents. Instead of worrying about a cat that stands 20 inches tall eating babies you should be worrying about our border control and dirt bag criminals being released daily from jail that are repeat offenders of aggravated charges.
  • bryan - 2019-09-10
    yes you are not exactly sure so educate yourself and lose the ignorance. and then tell BCR they are full of it
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Nicki - 2019-09-07
Hi I think all the information on Glowlight danios (danio Choprae) is flawed. I bought 2 of these in spring 2013 to create a mixed danio school to go with a tank of platys. Over the years the other danios slowly died off (pearl, leopard, albino/normal zebra danios) and at 5.5 years after purchase the breeding pair of danio choprae were looking a little lonely and becoming territorial. I added some more of their species to give them a proper school and they went back to their normal behaviour of chasing other danios. I think the old male couldn't out-compete the juveniles as they matured and became interested in the old female and he gave up at 6 years old. My female is still going strong at 6.5 years old. Oh and they have been about the same length as the platys for some years now. The female is the longer but the male was about 2'/5 cm and she is 5.5 cm

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zoeb - 2019-06-05
I bought a new tank(Dimension:-L24"X B12"X H14") Kept 8 guppies , 15 neon tetras and 4 Zebra Danios, total fishes were 27, i made a water change on the very next day by adding water to bucket and putting antichlorine and later after 30 min, putting the water in the tank. the 3rd day was a death day , 1 guppy died and then till today ie:- the 7 day , im just left with 8 fishes. initially i was suspecting my filter , then the water, now im left with no guppies, 2 zebra danios and 6 neon tetras.

Ive been investigating what i did wrong, ive seen that 1 zebra danios keeps on chasing other neons and even nipping.

i wonder if water was the problem or zebra danios was the reason or both..

do zebra danios even attack guppies

the chasing zebra seems twice the size of any other fish in the tank.

please help

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  • Dave - 2019-06-05
    More than likely the aquarium was not cycled. How long has it been set up? you should run the filters for about 6 weeks with only a couple of hardy fish in order for the bio-filter to establish itself.
  • Robert - 2019-09-15
    Zebras are very hardy and top surface fish can even be kept in cold water they always fast moving and i guess they need some good swim space - they should be in a shoal - neon's are more middle of the tank and also shoal fish - they need accurate temperature and the water needs to be right - changing water just a day after you introduced new fish is no good - means you changed them twice in short time and that can be hard for any fish to adjust. i never had Zebras doing any harm to any other fish. still must have nice 'furniture' in the tank so any fish got a chance to hide away from each other
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Danelle L. Jannazzo - 2019-09-21
I have a Maine coon, got him when he was one month old, he is the love of my life, I had a recent Maine coon, had him , for 10 years, we had to put him down, it was, the most horrible,thing, I have ever experienced,his name was Charlie!rip Charlie .in kitty heaven, now I have another, Maine coon, he is ,17 weeks old , wonder why they are so hyper, and very high strung, his name is snickers

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Martha - 2019-11-10
We just learned that we accidentally bred our ghost knife fish. We got 2 about 1.5 - 2 years ago with absolutely no clue of their genders. About a two months ago we got home late and happened to notice that both knife fish were out of hiding, so we sat to watch them for a bit since they are so cool and we don’t get to see them frequently. They began swimming together in what I can only describe as a dance. We joked that they were mating, but never expected it to be accurate. We never saw any eggs, we never saw any fry, but today during a water change we discover a new knife fish - about 2-3 inches compared to the original two being about 6-9 inches. Details of our tank: 150 gallons, 78 degrees F, we shoot for weekly water changes of 20% but often in ends up be closer to two weeks. We have a large variety of other inhabitants in the tank, so we feed frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, tropical flake, and algae wafers. We increased the food amount over the past few weeks since many of the smaller fish have been disappearing and we assumed it was due to night hunting. I honestly have no other details since this was completely by chance. From what I have read of the knife fish, this little guy should have died at every single stage, but he made it so we have three of these beauties now!

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Millie - 2019-11-05
OK so Boom! I have a 55 gallon salt water tank for about 9 months now! I have a trigger Niger, blue spotted Puffer,two clownfish, Yellow Tang and a star fish. My favorite fish is my new addition the Dog faced Puffer, I love how cute, smart and social he is! When I leave the room sometimes, I turn on the tv when he looks bored. This fish watches tv 😭. He acts like a dog. Recently, I was cleaning my tank and he wanted me to pet him. I admire the fact that he isn’t scared! He is just wagging his fins and knowledging me while the other fish run and hide. I’ve been observing the tank and noticed even though he is a sweetheart he can has a temperament. He didn’t get a long with the smaller blue spotted puffer. 3 months later my blue spotted fish got bit by him and couldnt recover. Poor fella didn’t have a chance😕. He ate my star fish, yellow is back at the fish store in a quarantine being healed because he has a bump on his stomach. Also, I have noticed there is jealousy between trigger and dog face. I usually kiss the tank and show them all attention. I would put my hand in the water and trigger would swim by for me I touch his rough scaly body. They both share the left side of the tank. Never seen them be aggressive to each other only during feed time trigger is fast and quick to steal krill from dog face. Feeding time can be stressful because dog face is slow and you have to hand feed him and if you drop the krill in the tank by accident he won’t go after it. High maintenance for sure. 😂


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