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Ryan - 2020-04-19
Hello ive just got a female timenh 4 years old only had her 4 days ahe fot big cage loads of toys her x owner said she talked and was very clever bird but since she been hear at her new home she not said anythink or whistled nither is that sumert to worry about or will she come out of her shell when she settled in we keep talking to her to make her feel settled ahe gives kisses and she lets u tickle her head any info would be great kind regards ryan

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michelle - 2020-04-19
i was very inexperienced n listened to my young grandchildren in helping me pick out some finches not knowing i shouldnt mix different varieties and ended up w a female zebra finch i believe a male white and black society finch and an old spice finch my friend didnt want. i bought a larger flight cage so theyd be happier. and despite later finding out u shouldnt mix different species the zebra finch and white n black society finch mated but the cage i bought was faulty and i woke up n the female zebra finch squeezed out of an opening in the back n i found her dead i believe my kitty got her in the middle of the night along w my old spice finch and only the white n black society finch was in the cage and continued sitting on the eggs until today then abandoned the nest. so i was devistated and sent my daughter in law and grandchildren to the pet store and told her buy the last 4 society finches in hopes id get at least 1 or 2 females and didnt want to make the same mistake mixing different varieties of finch but when she got back the 4 new ones all looked the same i believe theyre chocolate pied and the are much smaller than the white n black bird i thought was a society finch. now im confused and wondering if the white n black one thats much bigger isnt a society finch at all. can anybody answer this for me

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Larson - 2014-10-30
these rabbits are not purebred because they're papers were never finished but they are very nice rabbits we would like 25 dollars each we have brown white and black.

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  • Sue Reilly - 2014-11-07
    Do you still have the Flemish Giants? Where are you located? I have a white Flemish with blue eyes (Sapphire). I would love to have another. I am an experienced rabbit owner (over 25 years). All of my rabbits are kept in the house with lots of outdoor playtime during the day. Generally, I spoil them rotten!
  • Adaeze - 2020-04-17
    Please I need Flemish gaint rabbits and black giant how can I get it and how much
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Martha - 2020-04-17
Our knife fish did it again... we now have 4 in the tank. We don’t have room for this many knife fish. Now I’m going to have to net one and sell it to the fish store that we purchased the original 2 from.

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Amy - 2009-04-08
I have a gorgeous GCC that is now about just under a year old. He's become the whole families favourite pet. Whenever you walk past his cage he bobs up and down and tries desperately to try and fly to you even tho he can't lol. He dances to whistling and makes a variety of sounds, he loves it when we take him outside and he can listen to the bell birds in the wild. He has grown very attached to the women in our family and 'defends' them from anyone coming too close by, puffing up his chest. He loves to help out with household chores, e.g. sitting down your top with his head poking out while you are ironing or doing the dishes. He loves to have a snuggle with my mum and our cat when night time comes around, the cat is like his idol, he worships him! He makes little cooing noises when he's falling asleep and will gladly sleep on anyone. He enjoys sitting at the door of his cage and throwing corn out onto the floor and LOVEs eating twisties (well not so much eating but chewing into tiny crumbs) He's the light of our lives!

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  • Mark Richardsons - 2020-02-17
    Wow and i thought my green cheeked yellow sideed conure was the only one that loves twisties , i hope there not bad for him her ,
  • ooooooooof - 2020-04-16
    They are. They contain salt, which is a food that birds should NEVER have. They are also processed, which is plain bad to begin with. Feed them one only once in a while, but it's better to never give It to them. Other foods that birds can't have include avocado, coffee, and chocolate.
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Ben Silverman - 2020-04-14
IF it gives any of you a smile, Chica, my Meyer's, about 4 years old, says three things: 1) Peekaboo! She learned that at her first home, but says it less as an adult; 2) Big Budgie! I taught her that, ironically of course. She is not a 'budgie' 3) as of last week, 'GodDAMMIT!'

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Kumaresh - 2013-10-18
Hi All, I have a 20 gallon tank with three Gold fish and two Blue johanni cichlids. From two days one of the gold fish is swiming only on top and not eating anything as well not active. I have changed the water around 30% and added fresh water treated with commen salt 3%. After that also Fish is in same condition. I fear a lot that it may die as already I experienced. What should I do to protect my fish?

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  • Rhonda Mckean - 2020-04-11
    Too many fish per inch. Goldfish need 2 gal. of water for each inch of goldfish. What is your water temp.? The goldfish are cold water fish and the other two you have are warm water fish. Your goldfish will get sluggish and not eat well if your water is too warm.
Deborah Proctor-Brown - 2013-07-04
We have beeen having a lot of problems with my grandsons new tank. We have had it for about 2 1/2 months now and have lost several fish in it. Some very quickly, and some after about 2-5 weeks of acting strange. I have had my water checked, and adjusted it or changed the water accordingly. Changed my filter packs often, But after water changes on several occ, even partial changes, the fish seem to be gettng shimmys, followed by a listlessness, keeping to bottom of tank a lot except for feeding time, and gradually getting off balance and gradually dying. Could it be something in our water, from the pipes, or do they just have swim bladder disease going on? No red streaks, growths , or fungi present just shimmys and off balance with loss of weight, wasting away and off balance. Only one aquarium so far having this problem out of 4. So seems like a disease of something, more than water problem. Deborah

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-09
    Well, there could be any number of things wrong. First, if you use tap water, do you make sure to put dechlorinator in? Also, make sure to perform water changes regularly, but only change out 1/4 to 1/3 of the water at a time. Have you had all 4 aquariums the same amount of time? If the other tanks are older, they are probably already equalized correctly, with the right amounts of nitrates and other parameters. The new tank may just need more time to cycle and establish itself.
  • Rhonda Mckean - 2020-04-11
    If you have molly's in your tank they are known for shimmy. They need almost perfect water conditions. Do not change your filter packs often. You have to leave them get dirty so you can build good bacteria in your tank. When your tank is crystal clear then you know that your tank is right.
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chris - 2020-04-13
I have a colony that is 18 years old. It is growing under bright LEDs with medium flow in a fairly high nutrient tank. It does not like very low phosphate. It this point I have it growing all over my 75 gallon reef and up the back glass. I love it because wherever it is there is no algae 😁

jacoc - 2011-03-19
"Its interior becomes blue due the coral's ability to extract iron from surrounding water into a blue salt that is deposited onto the skeleton."

Please in captivity where would this coral get iron from..?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-06-24
    Although iron is not a commonly added nutrient like calcium and iodine, it can be maintained. Iron has been found to be particularly useful in aquariums with macroalgae, but could also be used by the blue coral if levels are kept high enough. You can read more about this at
  • chris - 2020-04-13
    It is in your salt mix.

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