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Sue - 2019-07-24
My Raph is at least 25 years old. My niece got him for her 3rd birthday. At some point, her parents weren't really keeping up with the tank so I took him and got him into a 10g tank (he was in a 3g). He moved on to a 20 and has been in a 46g for the last 16 or 17 years.

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LYDIA - 2019-07-15
Looking to buy a female orange wing tip female thats young & tame. If any one has one to sell in broward county florida. I am willing to buy her. Please contact me 954-682-8267

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Sidney Bragg - 2019-07-27
I bought my zebra Marie Eel about five days ago he sticking his head up out of the coral but he is not moving around the Tank he eats well when I put food into the tank for him he comes up and eat some food so that’s not a problem how long do you think it will be before he starts moving around the tank I have a few fish in the tank I’ve got some angel fish and I have some tangs as well is that a problem what do you guys think

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barbara - 2019-07-29
I have a 55gal hex tank and my featherfin is typically pretty peaceful with other fish other than an occasional bullying by getting them out of the way... only seems to have an issue with my pleco (both of them are the same size) however i think it's only because recently i added some more decor and it might be a bit too cramped at the base of the tank so i will be removing some decor to see if that helps some. the featherfin cohabitates with the pleco, a black moor goldfish, a few guppies, 1 shrimp, 1 convict cichlid, and 1 gourami. the goldfish, guppies, shrimp, and gourami are all recent additions to the tank...i've had the rest of the fish anywheres from 2-4 years now.

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M. Sajahan - 2019-08-07
I have pair of dove and today they hutched two chicks.

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Kristin Becker - 2019-08-11
I have had problems with sudden (within 24-48 hours) sickness (laying sideways one the bottom, not eating) after apparent healthy behavior (jumping for food, attacking food briskly) for 2-3 weeks after I brought them home. All other fish are healthy in the tank and the tank is well 55 gallon established community tank. No chloramines, chlorine, nitrates or ammonia is present, although the water is slightly hard (180 ppm) and pH 7.6. I am working on decreasing the pH and adding General Cure for parasites. Would like to add salt, but not sure what dose they can tolerate. Any other ideas?

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Richard Cartier - 2019-07-29
After a ton of research, I came to the conclusion that I could add some damsels but should do it as one of the last additions. The concerns some expressed were that they could tend to be territorial. So I added three yellow tails and at first they all seemed to get along well with my Chromis, Clownfish, Blenny, Goby and PJ Cardinals. After a not-too-long time, however, the two larger ones became VERY territorial and were constantly harassing most of the other fish..even the smallest Damsel. Over time, it became apparent that the community was suffering because of them so I decided they had to go. After several weeks of trying and failing to capture them, I finally resorted to removing all the rock and about half the water in order to be able to corner them. I only caught two (somehow the smallest managed to hide somewhere!) and I 'put them to sleep' using the Clove Oil treatment (the most humane way to euthanize fish) and as soon as all was put back together the rest of the community came to life. They are now happily exploring ALL areas of the tank and seem to be happier already. The smallest yellow-tail came out of wherever he was hiding and for now is mingling peacefully. But at the first sign of him turning unruly, out he goes. Despite their beauty, I completely regret having added them in the first place, andI will never add another.

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Lee - 2019-08-12
Your reccomended water change quantitys are way off. There is no good way to keep a healthy cichlid tank with such small weekly water changes. I do 70% every 5 days and have been for years often even more as long as the water temprature is the same and the water is adequately treate there is no issue.

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Donna - 2019-08-04
Hello, my Meyers, Henny, she started out Henry as we thought she was a boy. She will be 20 October 28th. She was about 3-4wks old and I hand fed her. Evidently breeder was not reputable, unknown to me. However, her Avian vet says she is very healthy and the prettiest little girl. But aren’t they all gorgeous! She talks, but doesn’t enunciate well, thank goodness!shes super affectionate but.apparently that led to a very hormonal bird. She had her first, and hopefully last dose of a hormone control arc. She is so much more relaxed. She’s very smart and intuitive, but she can be a pistol! One of our special times was when I was teaching her to say I love you. I repeated it frequently and when she said it back I said I love you too, to which she returned, I love you too too!!! Sometimes she’ll string five along. She is the light of my life. I hope I haven’t put you to sleep!! It’s just how often do you speak to someone who has a Meyers in there life. I so enjoyed reading your comments. I am so sorry to hear of the little 7yr old who payed. Sorry I don’t remember your name and couldn’t get back to other comments.

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Avery - 2019-08-27
I have three zodiac loaches and once they get used to the tank they come out more and are really fun to watch.


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