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Anonymous - 2009-03-09
My big colorful green terror is alone in my 60 gallon tank, it's about 8 inches. He has killed a lot of fish, even an oscar and a pleco! These fish are actually docile while they are juveniles but when they grow up, they *attain* the title of 'Green Terror' and actually terrorize the tank! But, this fish is extremely beautiful (more beautiful when they are adults) and are quite intelligent. They tend to form a bond with the owner and get really excited when the owner arrives! One of the most beautiful fish I've ever seen. They love to show off their color and are very active. A beautiful fish, good for beginners (provided the tank is large enough), and eat anything given to them. *Tip* - If you want to enhance the colour of your green terror, feed him a varied diet of blood worms, pellet food and vegetable matter everyday... and they grow very fast too...

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barbara - 2019-07-29
I have a 55gal hex tank and my featherfin is typically pretty peaceful with other fish other than an occasional bullying by getting them out of the way... only seems to have an issue with my pleco (both of them are the same size) however i think it's only because recently i added some more decor and it might be a bit too cramped at the base of the tank so i will be removing some decor to see if that helps some. the featherfin cohabitates with the pleco, a black moor goldfish, a few guppies, 1 shrimp, 1 convict cichlid, and 1 gourami. the goldfish, guppies, shrimp, and gourami are all recent additions to the tank...i've had the rest of the fish anywheres from 2-4 years now.

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  • John Henry Huss - 2021-06-29
    I have a 50 gallon tank with a featherfin and a pleco of simmilar size both biggest of the tank, they used to cohabitate a cave in my tank and would often try to push each other out, I was worried about it so I bought a second cave. They now seem to get along just fine with the pleco in a more closed dark cave and my featherfin in a tree root fixture with many entrances. I also have tetras, shrimp, snails, mollies, loaches, and Cory catfish. The feather fin seems to like to eat the snails which I don’t have a problem with because I had many baby snails in the tank before I got the catfish and now it seems to be at a good equilibrium of snails in the tank. The featherfin also seemed to be ok around the shrimp as the shrimp lived about three years. I got the catfish at a local pet store in the adoption tank and had no idea how to care for him, he seemed hurt at first with a red sore nose, most likely from the lava rock within the tank scraping his nose on it which I would not recommend, now he seems just fine and I was glad it was able to recover.
Sandra Whitmore - 2016-12-29
Hi I have a feather fin.rescued from a friend . Have new tank 45 gallon.novice so collecting info.think it's a she .becoming very friendly but only with me . Need some buddies for her . In perfect condition so don't want fighting any suggestions pls. Sandy.

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  • Ezra - 2021-06-30
    Hey there! I have a tank of similar size with one featherfin and two goldfish. They seem to get along well, except one of my goldfish is sick right now (treatment is a work in progress) so he gets attacked sometimes, but very rarely. The only advice i have is to make sure none of the fish get sick, or the feather fin will begin to attack them.
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Anonymous - 2021-07-02
Hi I have black scorpion in UAE any one want buy contact me

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Ashis chatterjee - 2021-06-25
I want one pare plum headed parakeet as soon as thanku

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Anonymous - 2021-06-19
I need male chick Jenday conure

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Sybil Ortego - 2021-06-15
Would like to hear one sing

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Ariana Whiteside - 2021-05-27

I'm curious what squirrels you have available, preferably babies?

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  • jones - 2021-06-10
    The red squirrel is generally much more timid than the grey and they can be hard to spot. i have male and female red squirrel ready to move to a new home for an affordable price. interested participants should in box me for full details
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Diane - 2021-06-07
I have a very tame grey squirrel 'Waldo Louise', we have had her for over 4 years now. We are moving to Europe and the grey squirrel is banned there. This is like giving up a child for adoption. We have had her since she was a baby and she has the run of the house. She went to work with us when we owned a graphic company and was loved by the customers. She does not go outside. She plays with the cats. She is very tame and will sit for hours while you pet her. If you have to squirrel proof the house for chewing, and she has her own bedroom in our library (top shelf in a basket of my scarfs). We have to know she will be loved and taken care of. You can text me at 713-870-4472, and we will provide videos of how tame and charming she is. Diane

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Shelby G - 2019-05-11
I recently took in a 1 week old baby raccoon. The mother abandoned them as far as I know. He is now 3 weeks old and oh so precious and seems to be perfectly healthy. I’m brand new at this and just wonder what the odds are of my husband and myself contracting rabies not knowing any status. Can anyone help?

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  • Tracy - 2019-07-04
    Why don't you get your rabies vaccinations
  • Tenna - 2021-04-23
    You wont get rabies

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