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"Great Web Site! I have found oodles of info on my white dove here. I do have questions I am unable to find info about. I have also posted what type of cage we have our dove in to give others ideas. We have had our white dove 'Lonesome' for about 6 mo now, I took him (not sure if male or female) in because I felt sorry for him when I first saw him. He was kept in a very small parakeet cage with no perch bars and an some sort of towel he stood on, on the bottom of the cage. We put him in a rabbit cage 30 inches L x 18 W x 21 feet T with a solid bottom, with several perch bars and food and water dishes on both sides. We sprinkle grit on the bottom to resemble what comes natural to them by ground feeding. He was very clumbsy at first as he had to learn how to stand and navagate to the other perches because he obviously had never used them before. Now six months later he is a pro, He seems to be very happy. My questions are simple and I hope other Dove owners can help me. 1. I don't think he is your typical Dove, Everything I have read says they are quiet birds. Mine on the other hand is very vocal! He coos ALL THE TIME all day. He sings his mating call with that funny inhaling sound (like one of those moo-ing toys when you turn it upside-down!) I am at the point of frustration with him. I have tried everything to quiet him and the only thing that works is a lazer light. We make sure th'e light does not shine by his eyes as we are aware of the damage they can cause. We flicker it fast on the celing to divert his attention or we put the light on his feet and he stops and moves away from it because he doesnt like it on his feet. Any ideas or suggestions on how to quiet him? Not completly, just not as often. 2. Do Doves need/like nests? Should we try one any suggestions on the type? Thanks ~ Rhea "

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