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"After all our kids moved out, we purchased our Aussie (umbrella cockatoo) when he was only 9 weeks old. Neither of us owned a large bird before (just small birds). HE IS THE BEST! He is 1 yrs old now. He doesn't say clear words yet but sure tries to say "good boy" and "Hi". We were amazed when we were able to potty train him in only a week. YEA. His wings are clipped but he walks all over the house as if he's the boss. When we get up and get ready for work, we bring Aussie out to keep us company and let him play while we get ready for work. Then when we have to leave we tell him we have to go to work and put him in his cage with the tv on and say "by-bye". He is in his cage during the day while we are at work which is a 72x36x48 loaded with toys, light/ceiling fan on, and a tv that is on while we are away (of course, cartoon network so he doesn't pick up anything bad). When we get home, we bring him out, he goes "potty", we applaud his good behavior and then he does whatever. He has a play gym in the living room that he can go on whenever he wants and a toy box loaded with all kinds of toys. He loves his balls he plays with that are soft rubber and some with little balls inside that he removes within seconds. He gets play time until 1 hour before bedtime and then we allow him to sit on our laps and get his nightly backrub/neckrub. He loves to be rubbed while he hides his head in a blanket or even our shirt. When he gets loud or out of control, we cover him with a blanket. If that doesn't work, then we have a "time-out" cage (36x36x48-his starter cage)in another separate room with a door. If he is naughty (perhaps bites), he gets "time-out". Usually only 10-15 min depending on the issue then we get him out and continue on as if nothing happened. He is a perfect angel when he comes out. He always tries to come to the one that put him in time out as if to say he's sorry---way awesome. He goes to bed at the same time every night-around 9pm. He is an awesome addition. Time out really works as it is in a different room from his normal cage and there is no toys and we leave the room dark. When he does good, we literally clap our hands and say "Aussie, good boy" and continue to reinforce that he is being a good boy. He knows commands such as: no, eat, potty, come, standup, stepdown, nite-nite and yes he can shake. We are looking forward to him talking, hopefully soon. He eats Zupreem fruits and veggies (pellet foods). He likes broccoli, carrots, king crab legs, shrimp, lobster and some fish. He also loves scrabbled egg beaters with me for breakfast. He eats raisens, soup crackers, animal cookies, peanuts and dry cereal. He likes to "chew" so we be sure to have things he can chew on everywhere so he won't chew on what he shouldn't. Oh yea, he loves to shower with us--this is a funny experience. He is quite at night and even when we sleep in on a weekend, he doesn't make a sound until we open his door and say "good morning". These are awesome pets if you have space, time, compassion and lots of luv to give. "
"John Shelley Show"

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