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"Oh come on people..I purchased my 1st GSP..Mr. Peabody at WalMart approx 2 years ago..he is adorable. I purchased my 2nd approx 6 mths ago from WalMart give Mr. Peabody a buddy of his own species. I have a 150 gallon freshwater tank with angels, diamond tetras, red tetras, zebras, loaches..etc. It is a great community tank and so far I have never had any problems w/socialization, etc. I do remember when I brought Mr. Peabody home he had ick so I went ahead and treated my whole tank for ick..which I do whenever I add new fish just as a precautionary measure. He responded well and is growing and thriving beautifully. His new tank friend is also doing well..I HAVE NEVER FED THEM ANYTHING BESIDES WHAT I'VE ALWAYS FED MY OTHER FISH..which is shrimp pellets..which the puffers seem to like the best..they also like the freeze dried whole river shrimp, which you can purchase at most pet stores. They also consume flakes which my other fish feed on. Why do people have to make things sooo complicated? Just enjoy your tank and quit listening to all the gibberish that people constantly bombard us with. They are probably the most fun fish that are in my tank and yes...they do seem to recognize us after awhile. Mr. Peabody is happy and his "partner in crime" also seem to be happy. They propel around and makes whoever happens to see them chuckle and laugh a bit. Good Luck and believe don't have to go buy special food, etc. to have a happy and healthy GSP...I learned something by reading your site though..I didn't know that WalMart couldn't treat their fish that appear to have disease..which is the case with a lot of the fish I observe in their tanks. My puffers are the only fish I have ever purchased from WM and only then because I immediately fell in love w/them when I saw them..Happy fishing....."
"Pam Boval"

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