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"As everyone on this website knows, these puffer fish are amazing animals. They are smarter than the average fish, playful and a lot of fun to watch. However, they can be difficult to care for and need quite specific things in order to keep them healthy. This is why they should not be sold at Walmart. I have read quite a few comments/questions which say that they were misinformed while buying a GSP at their local Walmart and I can definitely relate. When I bought Muey I was told he could live in a 1 gallon freshwater tank and live off of flakes. Needless to say my puffer was floating after 2 days. Upon thorough research and many changes I now have him in a 20 gallon tank with a 1.014 salt level and I feed him brink shrimp, etc. He has grown quite a bit and every day I am so happy I figured everything out in time to save him! I have gone to my local Walmart and told them that they should not be selling these fish. My Walmart was selling GSP's that are so sick that they look black. There is one tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons of water and there are appx 10 puffers in the 5 gallon tank. I have been watching so I know they do not sell them as often as they say because the same ones have been in there for a week..and every Wednesday they get more. Finally, they will not add medicine though it is obvious all the GSP's have parasites, or ICH and they will not add more salt because all of the tank filter the same water and all of the other fish are freshwater. My Walmart has agreed to stop selling GSP's (we will see if they are telling the truth) but I know that with a little more effort we can help these little guys. If everyone would go to their Walmart I'm sure something could be done. If I could stop one from selling them think of how many puffers could be saved if all Walmarts would stop! I understand that this is a big undertaking and though my Walmart called me an "animal activist" when they thought I couldn't hear I have come to love these fish and honestly, they deserve better. PLEASE HELP :) "

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