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Pet Information: Siamese fighting fish
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"Based upon the 2 comments below, It is clear that Your fish are infected with Fungus. This is VERY Common with Bettas. There is a Fish Medicine called "BETTAMAX", they are Blended Antibiotic Capsules that you open and stir into the water. Do this in a Separate Treatment Tank as it makes the water a dark bluish-green. As with any fish Meds, they work better in higher temperatures. 84-86 degrees for bettas. Yes, of course they need heaters... They live in S. E. Asia where avg. air temps are in the 100's. Bettas are also highly susceptible to "Mouth Fungus" and it is usually Fatal. A clean Tank will keep your Bettas Healthy and active. I keep mine in a special 3 Betta tank w/ glass dividers and 1 rock & 1 plant in each section. This way they can see each other, get into fighting poses and still remain unhurt. DO NOT Believe people that sell bettas in a glass jar with a live plant in it. They will tell you the Bettas will just eat the plant roots and This is not true! Bettas are Carnivores and need Meaty Pellet foods. Hikari is the best I have found. The plant plugging the opening of the jar blocks enough air from getting into the water as well. Treat Bettas as all Tropical Fish... Give them room to swim, Cover to hide in, Filtered Water, Good Food and a controlled, heated tank. They do not belong in a cute little jar on your desk, like candy. The divided tanks can be purchased with as many as 10 divided sections in a tank about 36" long. Great for large displays of many different Bettas. Good Luck with the Fungus Treatments. Charles June 30, 2008 My female betta has been sitting on the bottom and has a white film on her. I would like to know what to do, I don't want to loose her. Thank you! Diane 2008-06-27 My Red fish is turning a weird whiteish coulour. If anyone knows what does this mean, please send me ideas. Harley 2008-06-14"
"Charles Stackpole"

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