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"I've got a 9 year old Senegal named Zoe. It was great to read other peoples' posts here as Zoe too can be very moody and definitely lets me know when she wants her space. And when she wants affection, she's the most adorable bird. Zoe is weird in that she often finds my hands to be intimidating - until she finally steps up on them; though she prefers me to scratch and cuddle when she's on the cage - despite years of failed training. (I did buy her at 10 months old and was already partly badly trained, but she has mellowed out considerably since.) She's display-fed with me a couple of times, but loves to allopreen. Especially areas scabbed by nicks or scrapes, the 5 O'Clock shadow, or the eczema outbreaks. I obviously keep her away from these areas and simply thank her for her concern. She loves repeating sounds, such as the phrase "pretty bird", the microwave beep, the beep the phone makes when I dial out (she's jealous of the phone too...), the fire alarm, imitates my laugh, cough, the noises a Quaker makes (a short-term adoption but not short enough), and much to my regret was a quick learner to the burp I made once (oops)... and makes a series of whistles. The cooing noises she loves to do at night and at dawn. The sad part is, she hasn't figured out the real power of speech yet. She uses body language to tell me when she's thirsty, hungry, or wants a spray shower even though I've tried telling her what each is. Oh well. Body language is cute too. She gets excited when I use the vacuum and she'll just stare with great interest. Unfortunately, anything brown, yellow, or bright pink and she'll scream like there's no tomorrow. Even if the object is 10 feet away, she goes absolutely nuts! Again, she loves her head being scratched. She'll even let me hold her upside down, her back on my palm. Unlike other Senegals, she is adamant in holding my thumb with her talons (one if not both). She will not do it supportless. And I know when she's really happy as she'll hang upside down from her cage and wobble back and forth. While other birds like Sun Conures roll on their backs and other immensely silly things, every stunt Zoe does seems to have a sense of decorum and 'class' to it. While I think she has bonded to me, I know she is remarkably friendly to other people. Well, more towards men - she will bite mum and my auntie... but she's calm and even seems to look happy around other men (the eye pinpointing and chirps she makes are dead giveaways.) And if she is a female, I currently wouldn't know. No eggs yet, but if she is a male, I'll change her name to "Tabby". Much like any cat, Zoe doesn't recognize her own name... :) "
"Dave Cole"

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