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"As you can see by my name, I am the owner of the pictured bird. That picture was one of the first I took after acquiring him. He was a rescue and totally unhandlable when I brought him home and named him BIRDIE. It took over a month of sitting in the same room and reading and spending time to finally get him out of the cage- another couple weeks of getting on the stick, then a couple weeks of walking around the house with him on the stick to move him to his day cage in the computer room. I had never had a macaw before and must say if Birdie is a 'usual' Ruby I highly recommend them. He is an only bird and does not and never has been a screamed. His day cage is in front of a sliding glass door and he will let out a startled squawk if a hawk swoops by and when home alone a few squawks at sunset but not the continual ear bleeding screams some macaws subject their owners to. His being a nonscreamer may be due to his being an only bird which means no other bird to scream to and we do not share our time with another bird. Whenever we are home his cage door is open and when he wants company will slide down the side of the cage and cruise over to climb up my leg to spend time. He has picked up quite a vocabulary as well as what we call bird 'Morse code' tapping. In the subsequent years since that picture was taken, he has transformed from an unhandlable pile of feathers to a friendly, easy to work with, wonderful pet both of us can handle. Just be prepared as there are a lot of people who fervently dislike cross-breeding any birds. While such an attitude is understandable as macaws are no longer imported so the pure breeding stock is limited, once the deed is done, giving the off-spring a good home is all that counts, and my Ruby has been a delight. "
"Deborah Pearson"

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