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"I have a Tangerine Ringneck and it doesn't shut the heck up! I love him/her to death, but oh god, I need some sleep. I don't know what sex it is, but mine has a girl's name (Lyia) and since it never laid an egg, I usually refer to the bird as a him. Beautiful bird, love the wings. Absolutely adore them. Often times i let him take a bath just so he'll stretch that wing out and i find myself just staring at them. I've had him about 9 years and he was an abandonee. I worked at a petstore with a friend and one day this bird showed up in the store's aviary-she said "i dont know, he was just there one day" I adopted him because i wanted a dove so bad, my father raised them and i just grew up listening to that coo sound as a baby. So i took the bird home but needed a cage. My friend said her mother had recently had a bird and had the extra cage and she gave it to me. Shortly after i wound up moving in with that friend from the petstore (and her mother), and of course I brought my bird. Oh, was that a nightmare! It kept my new roommates up, they curse him, they wanted me to get rid of him-- and when her mom finally said "oh no, not that bird again!" i inquired to only learn that it was her mother who abandoned the bird at the petstore in the first place! So of all people to adopt the bird she tried to get rid of it was me and i moved it right back into the house and into the exact same cage! The bird is a survivor. Three times he was attacked by my friend's evil cat, once so bad it required a trip to the vet. The cat's claw sliced open its neck and i scooped it up holding him, thinking he was not long for this world. His blood squirted out in a pulse along with his heartbeat. I was terribly upset--but he didnt die. It been about 7 years since that incident and he's missing a patch of feathers in his neck so when he puffs up to sing its really obvious. Me and my bird moved out some years later and he enjoys a much larger cage now and alot of out-of-cage time. He's very good at being in the house in general and we often let him out for days. We put his seed dish right with the cat's and the two of them will eat side by side. I've seen the bird snuggle into the cat while she's sleeping. In the spring/fall we'll set his cage on the backporch on cloudy days (bright sun just seems so bad for him) so he can get fresh air. As much as i can't wait for him to shut up every night, i'll miss him terribly when he his gone."
"Janek Kazimer"

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