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"Last spring, we adopted a red-masked conure that plucks its entire body bare of feathers except his head and neck, leaving only the contour feathers on wing and tail. Fred is slightly bigger than a sun or jenday, but less noisy and far less shrill. It is more noisy and slightly smaller than a "Queen of Bavaria". We were amazed when we determined from its leg band that it was imported at least 15 years ago, since it is otherwise quite active and healthy. It has a HUGE personality. The bird says "hello," "What's for dinner?," "We have a problem" and "Come Back Here" fairly clearly in appropriate contexts. It also mimics our squeaky patio door and dances to a good musical beat. Our nephew started calling it "bobble head" after he saw it dancing one day. Though we have not determined its gender we call it "Fred". At first Fred tried to bite us every chance it got, so we had to clip its wings to prevent being attacked. Happily, Fred is becoming a little more trusting and trustworthy every day. The bird is still a little bit psycho about defending the cage territory, and it doesn't want to be touched, but it will now will step up and ride on sticks and shoulders. Fred is ecstatic about bathing in his deep basin; our daughter swears that the bird swims. Fred is intelligent, quite engaging and always entertaining. It loves to eat mashed potatoes and drink orange juice. Regarding its feather-plucking, I have come to believe that the bird is either making a fashion statement, or is just too warm in the house with its feathers on. My evidence is that it likes to have a few ice cubes in its bath as well as in the water dish. Sometimes it just chews on the ice. "
"boo boo"

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