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"Congradulation mr./mrs.colemen. Your little guy will love you forever. You saved him and that will make a big impact on your relationship with him. My name is Mary and I have posted here before, so I am sure you can tell how I feel about release. Everyone has an opinion, but what I wanted to say is your gonna see just how loveable these creatures are. Shoot, half the humans I've met are not as loving as theses guys. He will grab your finger and cry for you, it's awesome. I have a raccoon named rocky. Well I said someday I would tell the story on how we came upon each other. Well it was late january in wisco. Our home had just burned to the ground, lost my orphan raccoon in the fire. I don't want go into details because I will cry, it was an electrical fire in a 1813 farm house. The lights went out and I couldnt find him in the dark, the smoke, anyways. It was aweful, meeka was his name. Well, we had to stay at ma's until we had a roof over our head again. About 2 weeks after it happen I was sipping a cup of coffee looking out my ma's patio window and I saw a blop in the middle of the driveway. My ma lived on a 42 acre farm road a mile back in the woods. So it was cold but I went to go see what it was. It was a raccoon, no ears, no tail and I did not think it was possible to see ribs on a coon. It had more gray from age then brown or black. I put a blanket over him, then a sleeping bag, then a down blanket, then a cage and hay, then a heater. Well this went on for 2 days. I put food out but he wasn't eating. Finally I wrapped him up in some of this stuff and picked him up, he was so light, and brought him in. I think my ma was gonna kill me. My husband understood, tough guy cried as hard as I do when we think of meeka. Well I gave rocky some penicillin in the butt and wormed him with a syringe in the mouth. Not even a snarl, he knew we were trying to help. Gave him some ensure (vitamin drink), he guzzled it. He had no teeth, he couldn't eat anything hard, that was 3 years ago. Rocky is still here with us. He lets us know when he's gotta go potty, goes out and comes right back in, he hates the outside. Why, I can only image why, he has no tail or ears and all that he has seen in the wild. He is so old, gees I don't know an age. My point is they know when you save them. Meeka was an orphan, he was with us for 3 years before tha fire. He stuck by us like glue. Rocky is so sweet, kittens lie on his back, he sleeps next to the dog and half the time he's upside down with all four limbs in the air snoring. He's a "wild" raccoon, not bought. Now Nakoosa is a purchased raccoon. We built her an outside kennel plus the house. She just came home after running the countryside for 1 month, she's gonna learn the hard way. Rocky and meeka already knew the hard way and wanted nothing more to do with it. Each of them have their own personalities, and I hope if you have the patience, mr/mrs colemen, you are about to enjoy the best companion you will ever have. Mary "

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