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"I have a three-year-old peachfaced lovebird named Ike, who is thought to be a catumbella or a catumbella hybrid by my vet and by the Parrot Club members. He looks very different from any other green peachface I've met, his colours are incredibly brilliant. The green is Flourescent and the red is the same red as a cherry tomato, and all over, not just on his forehead (where peachfaced tend to hve the darkest red). He had no "fading" of the red over his ear coverts at all. His toenails aren't as dark though, leading me to suspect he is a hybrid as light coloured toenails indicates a pied or split to ino bird and true catumbellas have never been known to be pied or ino. Ike was parent-raised and tamed at about 5 months old. I never got the chance to meet his parents as he was previously owned (for a month!). He was fed only sunflowers, and I thought he was a pied, because he had so many yellow feathers (green feathers can turn yellow if the bird is on a poor diet). After converting him to pellets and veggies, he lost his pied markings. It didn't take me long to tame him at all, just over two weeks of insisting he cuddle with me! Now he's my baby boy and goes just about everywhere with me. He rarely bites (unless I'm not listening to him) and gets along great with other birds (unless they are larger than he is, then he wants to beat them up). I agree with the nicknames lovebirds have collected- "African Napoleon" and "feathered dragons"! They are very spunky and active little guys that demand your complete obedience! Lovebirds are very playful and need a big cage, Ike's cage is 2' x 2' by 3' and he uses every bit. I've recently trained him to wear a "bird harness" and he loves it! If I leave it within reach he will walk over it and look up at me as if saying "Well, aren't you gonna put it on?" Also, lovebirds CAN talk! My little guy is quite the talker, though it isn't very clear. He says: "Hello!" "What cha doin'?" "Hi baby!" "Baby boy!" "Come here!" "Hey I-ike!" "What?" "Outoutoutoutout", "Want some" and "Be quiet"! He also meows like our cat and is a wonderful whistler."
"Melissa Mac"

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