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"Hi elliottsmom, I'm happy that you do understand you've a rescued bird on hand. I've also rescued a bird that spent his entire life cagebound; about 5 years. The first owner never played with him or let him out of his cage; he was alone in a corner and looked very lonely from the picture I saw. His seeds and water dishes were put through the slots in his cage, so he never even touched his owner's hand; no interaction whatsoever! I'm very happy that I took him out of his misery and loneliness. The first owner told me that he's wild and he bites when you put his food so they never took him out. The first day I got him I opened his cage, he didn't come out so I put my finger near his chest and he still didn't climb up. I then took him out and realised that this poor, unfortunately bird is NOT wild and neither does he bites; as the owner made me believed. I kissed him that same moment as I took him out and I cried with joy because I thought of how happy he'll NOW be with me and my 2 other birds. Everyday I had to take him out of his cage because he'll never come out although his cage would be open. After 2 weeks he started coming out by himself. It seems as though he was so accustomed to being IN his cage it like he didn't know if or how to come out. I've had him for 19 DAYS already and he's now very happy because he flies around everywhere in my home, plays and whistles with my other birds. He's a sweet and wonderful little bird, my other birds taught him to kiss and now HE kisses them. He only enters his cage to eat his seeds, drink his water and sleeps. He eats nothing except the seeds he's accustomed to but I'm trying to see if he'd eat veggies and pellets as my other birds do. Two days ago he ate grated carrots and plain cooked rice so that's a start. His cage never had anything more than just one single perch, a water dish and a seed dish and that was it; NOT a single TOY! No matter what kind of toys are placed in his cage, he'll not touch it. He loves my two birds and he loves me; he's very happy now and we all love him and he loves us. I'm very happy to have rescued him; he's my Little Sweetheart! So you'll have to give your bird a lot of love; cuddling, playing, talking, kissing (lips closed are important for bird's health) and show him that he is SAFE with you. Take care and good luck. God bless you both. Sandra D Singh."
"Sandra D Singh"

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