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"There are some misconceptions that i don't see written here. I have a female indoor muntjac that also goes out to play within a 7 ft privacy fence. Indeed they are small and sweet, mine has never shown a mean bone in her little body. But this is not a pet for just anyone, especially a child. First you can not hold them. their little hooves are like rocks and their instinct to flee will send the feet kicking and really hurt someone bad. they will sit beside you, play, follow you, lick you etc. but you can't pick them up, i had mine at just a few weeks of age. Bottle feeding and feeding them fruit and vegetables multiple times a day is a must. can really get your budget if not prepared. Bottle feeding for a year is advised. potty training to a litter box is quick as long as you are persistant and since you can't just pick em up and put them there you have to be creative as i was. took about 3 weeks. You can't use sand or you end up having mud. when they pee its as much as a horse and it stinks horibly. they pee multiple times a day, although they don't drink much water, comes from fruit and veggy's. Litter needs to be clay mixed with possibly cedar and should be changed daily or every 2 days. they chew everything, they don't outgrow it like puppy's. cords, books (no low bookshelves or near any furniture)I love our muntjac but its work. Not like having a cat. We are installing a doggie door so maybe that will help with the pee smell. also without the mixture of cedar, they track litter throughout house. If you have a doggie bed or something simular they usually pee on it because they like soft things to pee on. I'm glad i don't have carpet, it would be impossible to get the urine out. They do adjust to hardwood and tile but at first you'll need runners if you have them. They never learn to run on slick floors just walk. They need outside time to run. If given the chance to jump on the bed you'll be in trouble. lol"

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