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"Almost three years ago I adopted Kokiya (long story how he got such a crazy name) from a pet store that claimed he couldn't be sold. All his chest feathers were plucked and he had a rather nasty biting habit. Watch out fingers! Yet, I fell in love with him anyway. I have a soft spot for the under dog I guess. So, I brought him home and spent the first few weeks forcing love on him. He bonded with me immediately. Men however are another story. He really has to know your face or he'll nip rather hard at your hands and ears. It must be something with the deeper voice. I wonder often if he was mistreated. He's my love though. He's a frisky little bugger. Doors and almond shells are his favorite things to shred. In fact come fall, he'll sneaky steal almonds from the nut dish. I try so hard each year to keep him from eating to many. They're fatty, but this little bugger will sneaky steal them if I turn my back for an instant. His chest is fully feathered again, and his biting habit is down to a minimum. He has become a real lover. A fearless lover. He lives with 5 rescued cats, and all of them respect him like part of the pack. I guess it has something to do with him chasing them! It's so funny to watch. As far as talking, Kokiya hasn't mastered any words. I don't think he'll ever be a talker, but he has learned many whistles, and loves to mimic the train, my laugh, and any sound the TV beeps out. At night he goes, night-night, getting up to his perch and yawning with his wings. So smart! He'll greet anyone coming in the door and always beeps to say goodbye when they leave. He loves to take walks in the summer (or drives), loves his head petted, and will make it known if he feels shunned. I never thought he would grow into the lover he has, but now he demands attention, seemingly never getting enough. And holy crap, just try to shower without him! Shower time is one of his favorite daily rituals. If he hears the water turn on, he knows it's time to get clean-clean and will ring his bell or cluck/beep until I bring him into the bathroom . . . I could just go on and on. I'm so thankful I didn't turn away from his bare chest three years ago. By looking at him you could never tell at one time he was a scared, bare chested, little guy that spent his first two years living in a pet store attacking anyone that tried to bring him out of his cage. Every day it's a new adventure with him. What a great friend he's become, seriously. I highly recommend this breed to anyone that's looking for a smaller parrot to become part of their family. They make the dearest of friends, and will lighten up the gloomiest of afternoons. "

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