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"It all started when I bought a bronze-winged Pionus parrot from a breeder; a little rambunctious parrot who got more unruly as time went on; I tried everything, but the bird just drove me crazy. I tried to sell him; no takers, but a guy who rescues parrots contacted me and said he had a little Meyers Parrot that he'd trade me. Don't get me wrong; I loved the little Pi, but after a while, I couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. A true 'type-A personality' Pionus. The little female Meyers I got, 'Jill', is 5 years old. She doesn't really like to be head-scratched a lot (which is just as well; big ol' me is afraid of accidentally hurting her)...she can ride on my shoulder all day; she likes to preen my lower lip when she's on my shoulder, she loves mixed veggies, especially carrots, and I now have full bird-food dishes in 3 different locations here in my small house. Jill sat on my shoulder almost the entire way during the 100-miles of highway I drove to get her home. Before I got her, Jill was paired with another Meyers named 'Jack'...Jill made herself available to him, but Jack didn't have a clue; later on, the pet-rescue guy adopted Jack out, leaving Jill alone in a big room full of birds. I think that Jill almost sees me as her mate...she'll look at me, bow down, and extend her wings, driven by the forces of nature, and I feel sad for then I'll put her on my shoulder and stroke her back gently, try to make her feel loved...and she'll emit little chirps when I do that. Compared to the Pionus I had, Little Jill is fastidious, almost dainty. The Pi could screech loudly, but all Jill does is emit little chirps and the occasional high-pitched whistle if she's wondering where I'm at. And even her whistle is delicate and sweet. Jill doesn't throw seeds and other food around with reckless abandon; she's very demure, ladylike, and really is just a sweetheart. She doesn't talk; I don't care about that...I just want her to be happy. I bought the Pionus because I'd heard Pi's were mellow. But Jill is everything I thot the Pionus would be. If you've ever seen a picture of a Pionus, you'll marvel at their large eyes...I fell hard for those Pi-eyes. In contrast, there's nothing flashy about Little Jill...dark-grayish in the front, little yellow spots on her head and wing-shoulders. But, she's stealing my heart. She's really a dear. We're getting to know each other, and she's a very enjoyable little creature. I can take her for walks around the neighborhood...I took her inside a little grocery store and she calmly sat on my shoulder as I made the rounds; the clerks and other customers didn't startle her at all. I find it amazing that little creatures such as this tiny bird can trust us big, huge humans. That's pretty amazing."

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