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"Hi.. I had one minature greyhound she was given to me and I had her 5 months and I got so attached to her and she loved my cat. She was so much fun but she kind of disappeared and I walked all over town searching and calling for her but didn't find her and a guy heard me calling for her and he asked me what kind of dog it was. I told him he said a man came by with a dog on his with a purple collar that looked like a greyhound that was hit by a car but I didn't believe him cause he told me where she was hit and it was right from where I lived and I would had heard it and I will always believe if he picked her up right at the road where I lived why didn't he come around and ask anybody if the dog belong to me or someone else here? There are only three on this street. But it broke my heart not knowing either way so I cried so much I got sick and had to go to the er but once I got back home the next day I got online and looked up minature greyhounds and found one in Ark. I bought her immediately, the lady said she would be put on a flight and she would be at airport in the afternoon so I was happy and I went to the airport went inside and told the guy at the counter what I was expecting and he said ok and he said the flight was delayed 30 minutes. So I went outside to watch the planes and then when I saw the plane coming in with Penny on it I got all excited with tears in my eyes and went rushing in the airport after I figured they had time for the luggage to come off and went to the counter and the guy said I am sorry but they were no pets on that flight. I broke down then he said please I'm sorry don't cry I got your little dog and he brought her out and it was so amazing to see her. When I got her to the truck I took out the carrier and held her all the way home and never let go of her and still today I hold her and play with her. She was 14 weeks old when I got her and she is now 5 years. Born August 18 and I wouldn't trade her for anything. I am an animal lover and when something bad happens to one I have or had it breaks my heart bad, like a part of me was taken too. I have lost many in the past. I had two cats from the lynx family with no tails, I had a brother and sister. My fluffy passed in 2007 when I was in Morroco and it was so sad cause I wasn't here but his brother is now 18 and he's slow but he is still doing good. I love my animals and they have anything they want and they are very well taken care of. Penny is now laying right against me at this moment we did our playing and she is resting and I'm on the computer but she is loved. She is truly amazing, I love her to pieces. Sorry I wrote so much but sometimes I get carried away about animals and I have my bearboy and penny girl now. They are my heart next to my two daughters too, which are grown and on their own so it is me and my bearboy and penny girl here now."

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