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"I have had these beautiful sharks now for only two years, and love them desperately. Unfortunately my original two died when I asked a friend to fish sit for me, she over medicated them despite my many warnings on how to medicate. Nevertheless I was able to get two more and have had them just about 8 months now. They have grown from about 2 inches to now 6" and 8". If you are interested in these large beauties be sure to do your research ahead of time. I knew they got large but I never fully planned on this much growth this fast, so for the time being they must stay in their 55 gallon tank. They don't seem to mind, they do travel well. I am in college so they come home with me over the summer and Christmas. They don't seem to mind as long as they get the travel tank to themselves. I have 2 other Lace Catfish that they prefer not to ride with because they like to pester them. Manteo and Viet are always together. He does get quite upset and plays dead every time I clean the thank. She doesn't seem to mind, except for the fact that he's playing opossum and she has no one to swim with. She often pokes him until he comes back to. I have a 75 gallon tank waiting for them back home and can't wait to move them over. Hopefully that will last them another year or so until I can buy a house and give them a proper home. Some things to keep in mind about these guys if you are looking into buying one. They like to school, mine almost never leave each-other's sides. Also, they do not like light, they will bash around the thank until it's turned off. I only use my light as a sign that I am putting food in the tank. They do seem to love variety in their diet. They are very sensitive to changes in the tank, so change things over time. They get very large fast so beware. I have many people in the Marine Biology department who say they have had their sharks for 10 years and they never seem to get any bigger than 6". I'm not sure why because my old ones were about the size of these guys and the same age, and I had only had them 7 months. These guys just don't seem to stop growing, it might be that I only feed, medicate, and condition with natural or organic things. They also receive bottled water because I have well water. Don't worry when they play opossum they'll come back to its just a coping device. Its a hard first fish but really fun if you're ready to dive into the deep end. Remember with medications only to give them 1/2 doses. While the large ones might live thru it, the smaller ones will die. they are scaleless fish. If you are a first time fish owner, fish are amazing pets. They really do have personalities. Manteo, my largest shark is the big, lazy football player of the tank. He's shy, but if he's upset he will bowl everything and everyone over in the tank. Viet is somewhere between a girlfriend in tow and a herding sheep dog. She's always in tow and always prodding if he's too lazy or not giving the attention she wants. Guppy, one of my lace catfish is the nerdy little brother that hides, reading a book in the corner until its time for food or he's being pestered by Cleopatra, my other lace catfish. She is the blatant problem child. She's never happy unless she's bothering the others in the tank. Her days consist of chasing the others relentlessly. And lastly there's Cujo, my fish of the night. He is an upside down catfish. During the day he's such a boring fish, he sits attached to the bottom of one of the leaves in the tank, but as soon as night comes he sneaks off to pester the others. Every now and then I can catch him if I come in and turn the light on unexpectedly. "

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