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"I have a 16 month old fella (DNA sexed)named Bama that is just the greatest. He and I started out back July of 2007 when he was all beak and feet with just a few feathers on his head. I am a first time GWM owner and had lots of doubts in the beginning. After spending everyday for several hours visiting him in July and August and half way through September I realized he was the perfect bird for me. At the pet shop where I got him there were lots of other birds and none of them were nearly as wonderful. I have always been an animal lover and at 59 and retired I felt that I would have the time to spend with him. Bama is just the best pal in the world and I am so lucky to have found him. I have two chocolate labs and we all get along just great. Bama does require a lot attention. He is out of his cages most of the day. He wants to be with me and follows me around the house. Helps me with what ever task I am trying, ha ha, to accomplish whether I like or not. He says several words like "come back" when I leave the room or "hi there Bama", "Roll Tide", and "hi Bama", plus lots of other sounds that I am not able to decipher just yet. He loves to chew everything and is always trying to get into everything he can reach. I have him clipped so he climbs down his stand and runs across the floor to follow me. He is getting better socialized with others and will let others interact with me most of the time. He has been weened onto a pellet diet from the beginning. I also feed lots of fruits and veggies and nuts for treats. He wants to eat whatever I am eating so dinner time he gets a small sample of my food. He loves to chew up ice from my glass (plastic). He has lots of toys to keep him busy and forage in. I live in New England and the sun light during the winter is not the greatest so I got some natural lite bulbs for his cage so he gets enough. I decided early on to have a roosting (sleeping cage) in another room away from the daily hustle and bustle of the rest of my house and a cage in my family room so if I have to put him up during the day he has a place to go. That has worked out very well he does not fuss at all at night when its bed time. Both he and the dogs have their sleeping cage/crates in the back bedroom. They all go in together and come out together. Less jealousy that way. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to share my life with such a wonderful bird. I will be getting into more training of tricks so he has more things to concentrate on. He steps up regularly with out prompting and even tells me by saying "up up" and putting his foot up when he wants to come to me. He loves to roll over and have his tummy and feet played with and does his throaty macaw style laugh "ha ha ha". Foot toys are also some of his favorite things, usually broken bits of the toys he has chewed to death already. He loves to take a bath in the kitchen sink, it is a divided sink with a center section that he stands on and lets the water run over him. Yes the water goes every where and he has a great time playing in it. Afterwards we go into my bedroom and he has his fun with being blown dry with my hair drier, squaking and laughing and fluffing and shaking the water off. I would only recommend a GWM for someone with lots of time and patience. I have a grown son and Bama is like a new child in the family that will never grow up. If you like having a feathered 3 year old around with a large powerful beak for the rest of your life then have at it. I am sure glad I did. "

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