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" Hello Bird People: You might remember my two articles on Lorys' which I typed to Animal World some time ago concerning the passing of my very beloved Lory, Jammy. I first told you about the beautiful birdy and how we came upon this wonderful creature. And, I further told you how his life on this earth came to a halt some weeks ago. Since Jammy's passing, the house seemed so very still and quiet, that we could hardly stand it. Even my two Macaws seemed affected by this silence. Jammy, God rest his soul, brought such life to this house. You Lory owners surely know what I mean by this sentence. Well, I knew that Jammy could NEVER be replace; it just could not happen. I did know, however, that something had to be added to this house to give it life once again. I searched the web and came upon the parrot, Caique. I read much information about it, and I found that this might be the answer to the tense quiet in our home since Jammy's passing. My husband found a breeder on the web the very next morning, and we found a breeder who had two babies for sale very near to our residence. We visited the breeder and the rest is history. Peaches, our Caique (Kai-eek), is just three months old now, and she is just the answer. She has several traits of the Lory, if you will, and she is small and very pretty. She chirps, and she can "wolf whistle", and I taught her to say "pretty" already. However, I don't care if she speaks or not. She is here mainly to supply some happiness, chirping, and just plain life to our family. As you Lory owners know, nothing can EVER replace your pets; however, Peaches is spunky, and she supplies the noise and life that was obviously missing in our home. Jammy was truly a gift from God, and there is no doubt in my mind about that. If you read my last articles, you will see how we came to own that wonderful, intelligent creature. I see that life must go on, and I know Jammy would approve; he would have loved Peaches. Well, Lory people, take care, God bless you and your pets and have a great summer."
"Susan Saleeby"

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