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" Hello: Twenty years or so ago, I was appearing at a gig (I am a professional singer) at a country club. While I was awaiting the wedding to begin, I stepped onto the patio of the club where the cocktail party was being held prior to the actual wedding reception. I was astounded to see a beautiful bird sitting on a man's arm drinking some of the man's Manhattan. I could not believe what I was seeing. My husband, also an entertainer, told me to remove the bird from the man's arm because, of course, although amusing, the parrot should not be drinking such a drink. My husband told me to take the bird home and place him in an empty cage. I had several birds at the time; however, I could not recognize the correct breed of this particular bird. While travelling to an evening gig in New York, I took along my bird encyclopedia. At last, I found this particular bird to be a Green-Naped Rainbow Lory. I also read further to find the background, habits, and most important, the fact that the bird required a special diet. When I returned that evening, I could not believe how happy and playful the bird was, even after such a trying day. I place ads in the newspaper to find the owner; however, nobody responded and, of course, the rest is history. We named this beautiful, beautiful birdy Jammy because I thoughy it looked as though he was wearing his p.j.'s. My husband thought since it was now a musician's pet, he would be "jammin'" Jammy was the most beautiful, wonderful, playful, loving, and intelligent birdy I have ever seen. Jammy was my best buddy, and he loved me just as much. His pictures show his incredible beauty. I miss him soooo much, I am really sick over his departure. He brought so much joy to all of us including our other three parrots. He had so much love to give, and he truly loved, laughed, talked, whistled, sang, and danced for us. The tears just won't stop for me; I just find this to be unbearable, totally unbearable. Approximately five (5) years ago, when Jammy was l5+ years of age, I noticed a bump on the underside of Jammy's abdomen back near his vent area. The Vet told me that the x-ray showed this to be a tumor, and that it was a good size. To remove it was dangerous according to the Vet, a wonderful doctor. He said the tumor could be attached to another organ, and it was in the best interest of Jammy to just leave him alone. Jammy was stressed to be in the Vet's office, and the doctor noted Jammy had a small seizure while he was on the table. Jammy, however, was fine following this problem, and he was taken home to enjoy the rest of his life, as the Lord would see it. I thought there were only days or weeks until the end for Jammy. As each year passed, Jammy was still "Jammin'". He brought so much joy into all of our lives that you could not imagine. I decided not to return him to the Vet's office because of the stress involved, and Jammy went strong for five (5) additional years until the evening before last. Several days ago, I noticed Jammy to be a bit quieter than usual; he was not as active, and he looked sleepy. That was not in Jammy's character at all. The next morning I noticed that he did not eliminate his waste as usual, and that was NOT at all normal; I began to really worry. That evening I returned hom to find that Jammy looked strained, and could not eliminate his waste again. I knew immediately that he was in trouble. I called my husband to Jammy's room, and John placed him in a towel, as I began to remove some material from Jammy's beautiful feathers. I filled a bottle with warm water to clean the vent in case Jammy was encrusted with the material preventing him from eliminatiion.Jammy had a seizure, and then immediately after that he was gone. We were horrified and unbelievably scared, and began to call him back and move him, and I even began "mouth to mouth" on Jam; however, we finally accepted the fact that he was with the Lord and his pal, Joey who died several weeks ago at the age of 24+. Joey was a Plumhead, and they were great pals to the end. Everything is sooooo quiet in our house. My macaw, Andy, actually left his cage and walked to the edge of his room to look around the corner to the place where Jam was housed. Finally, today I saw Andy in the room talking and talking, and then he returned to his own cage next door. I know Andy realizes something is very wrong because they were all buddies, if you will. My final thoughts are that simply birds are incredibly intelligent creatures. Of course, some are more than others; however, I believe that they are not taken seriously by many people. Jammy will AlWAYS remain close to my heart and soul. The house is not at all normal since he departed. My tears are just as plentiful as they were, and I know they will not be dry too soon. One last thing, after Jammy passed, I noticed a rather large, soft pouch on Jammy's underside, and I figured that most likely was from the problem of elimination for a day or so. There was no time to get him to the Vet, just no time at all. I want to know if 20+ years was an average age for this type of bird. Could you please tell me what you think. Thank you and excuse me for such a lengthy letter; however, I still don't want to get Jammy go; however, he must. Sincerely, Susan Saleeby - WE LOVED THIS BIRDY SO MUCH "
"Susan Saleeby"

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