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"A while ago we decided we wanted another bird (We've only had cockatiels and parakeets) and one morning we saw a kids' pet show on TV that had Caiques...after finding out that they were quiet and playful (we live in an apartment), we decided that's what we wanted! So that afternoon, we set out to find one. We stopped by a few pet stores that had nothing interesting. Then we walked into the bird room of one pet store and there he was. We didn't even know what kind of bird he was at first...but as we walked up to his cage...he ran accross the bottom to us and flipped over on his back and kicked his feet. "We want that one!" And that's how we got "Baby", our little Green Cheeked Conure. He is a RIOT! He loves to swing from the venietion blind cords...he loves to take showers with us screaming "BATH! BATH! BATH!" the whole time! He can say his name and also "Pretty Bird". He likes to sit on the curtains and look out the window and say "Pretty, Pretty" and is just too content to sit with us at the table and share our meal (and I do mean share OUR meal...he's not happy with a piece of our food of his own...he likes to eat what we're eating and right off our plate...too cute!). He loves to slide down anything! We're looking for a small sliding board for him now. He runs back and forth across the back of our couch, stopping only to tug at hes favorite blanket or roll down the couch...yes, he does this on purpose. He's the perfect apartment bird since he's small and quiet...even when he screams, it's not at all loud. He's also rather neat, doesn't throw seeds...and he does his best to be potty trained. He's parakeet size with a macaw's brain! He's perfect!"

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