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"We have had Oliver, a (Green Cheek) Red Headed Amazon for 40 years. Oliver was purchased at a dimestore by my mother as a birthday present for my dad. Little did we know that we would still have him today! Ollie outlived dad, four dogs and a cat. He dearly loves my mother and will say hello to her immediately. Oliver also loves my husband and bonded with him years ago when we visited my parents, so it came as no surprise that when we took mom and Oliver home to live with us, Ollie started singing and whistling with my husband as loud or high pitched as he could to show he was his buddy. As a matter of fact, my husband is the only one that can open up the cage and play with his feathers without getting bit. I can only pet his head when we are alone but I don't dare open the cage and put my hand in there. He has forgotten some things he used to say as a young bird but has introduced new sounds instead. He used to sing the birthday song but now only one line of it. He can vocalize arpeggios but only going up the scale, says, "Hello there", "Hi Oll",("Bye bye"- When we grab our keys or put our coat on), makes a drinking sound, seeds sound going into his cup, silverware scratching on plate sound, a special sound my dad taught him to make when we ask him if he likes what we put in his cup- his eyes also turn bright orange when he shows he likes something too.He can say "night-night" but used to say "night, night, turn out the light" so he has actually shortened his word phrases. He loves oatmeal with milk, fresh or cooked green beans-so he can take out the seeds, corn on the cob, potatoes and butter, chicken leg bones to tear apart, orange and apple slices, raspberries, carrots to tear apart, most nuts. He loves to hold walnuts and pecans in his claw. Big striped sunflower seeds are a necessity everyday. His eyes are always watching you even if he is resting, he doesn't miss a meal or a snack because he knows when the cabinet opens that's where the nuts are! I try to feed him first because he will scream till he gets fed or if we cover him up he will still yell. He gets put in the back bedroom when he can't be quiet when we have alot of company. Oliver loves a good argument. If I raise my voice to talk he does too. If my husband and I are having a conversation he joins in too. If I whisper he talks softly like a little bird cooing. He used to come out of the cage and stand on top but now is afraid to come out even if the door is open. He says "hello there" to strange cats and dogs that come to visit. I think he's really frightened but showing he's the boss. When I vacuum he takes a bath in his water cup so I put fresh warm water in there before I begin when I remember to do so. We cover him on three sides to keep him warm all year round and I make a tent for him when he takes naps. At night he get covered completely and by blankets if its cold. We move the cage around the house so he can be with me or mom during the day. He is afraid of being left by a window or door. I think he's afraid of other birds flying by. But if my husband is outside he loves to watch him. Talk about high maintenance! I know we are programmed by this bird but we're used to it!!! We wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. "
"Barb, IA"

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