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"The top speed of a great white being around 15-20 mph is incorrect. I live in Palm Beach Florida and have a 1200 yamaha wavrunner. My waverunner is capable of going over 65mph. I have been an avid rider for over 3 yrs, until... One day I was about 1 mile offshore of the Palm Beach inlet heading south riding in the trough of a 5 foot wave when suddenly something told me took left. When I did, first I saw teeth, then I saw the one black eye which was staring me down. Then I saw the tail and he was as long as a city bus. I will never forget that look. This is no docile or placid animal... or mindless man eater. This is a very smart and intelligent animal. When I was on the waverunner he knew I was in control of the waverunner. He understood that I was a rider. He looked me directly in my eye and with his body language gave me the impreesion of what am i doing here. I must have come into his territory. He was able to stare me down because, as I said I was in the trough heading south at 40mph and he was directly parallel to me in the highpoint of the wave. The sun was east of us so I could see him clearly. I was going 40mph and he was moving effortless. This was not my first time seeing sharks. I have seen lemon sharks, dolphins, and all types of fish. Huge schools of migrating sharks, but they were not threatning and I never felt scared. But this was totally different. When he looked into my eye, and the whole vibe he was giving off, let me know right away that great white sharks are highly intelligent and definite problem solvers. He communicated with body language. He let me know with that stare that I was in his realm and he was investigating to see what was going on. What scared me wasn't that he was a shark but the fact that he was very intelligent and gave me a look like "what do we have here". This encounter changed everything. No longer was it, lets go jetsking. Now it was..there are large sharks out there and the next time the great white might come from underneath, investigate, and accidently knock me off the waverunner. Which he could do very easily... and the story wouldnt be good. After that one look I turned directly to shore and gunned it, sadly to say I had to give up waverunning. I realized that it is very dangerous. I still go to the beach like every other day, but I dont go in further then my knees. When the water gets to my knees then I just laydown in the surf. I would warn anybody and everybody against going offshore in a boat no smaller than a 40 footer. The shark I saw could easily sink a 25-30 foot fiberglass boat. Great white sharks need to be respected. They have survived since the dinosaurs and what I can tell from what I have read, online scientist and marine biologist really don't know much about them. Throwing chum in the water and watching them eat paints a much different picture. From what I have seen that picture is distorted. Great whites are highly intelligent."
"keith watkins"

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