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"I first bought a goffin cockatoo for my father in law. He had a African gray that died and the same time he had his disabling stroke. Clyde was in a bird store and the workers said he was a loud bird and had a problem with pulling his feathers out. Even with that I still paid 1200.00 for him. He rode home on the steering wheel and we stopped at a chicken place to order some chicken before bring him to Papas. He had a large vocabulary! Called out my on by name told people to shut up, and shut the door. Then the not so favorite words that pops taught him. When my father in law was approved to go into a VA home we took Clyde back. He adored me and would sit on my shoulder and say Pits which meant I had to rub under his wings. He would bite any one else in the house. But, I was attached to him and I was happy he was a good bird. We where transferred to Washington state from San Diego. I brought all the pets in my car and Clyde loved going for rides. I was worried about the weather change. We stopped by my Step Father in-law for a few days in San Francisco on the way up. He had free fly in the house. I clip the wings so he can not fly far. Then we headed up north to our new home. The first night we got here Clyde slept with everyone on the living room floor. The first day he was throwing up, I thought it was from the change and not having his cage yet. We got his cage in and he seemed happy, but not Clyde's usual self. I pet him frequently. But the move hurt my back and I had to go to the emergency room. While I was there we received a call that Clyde was sitting on the bottom of his large cage not responding very well. Of coarse I went into a frantic. I wanted my IV out and to get out to get to him. I instructed my son to get him to a vet asap. In the mean time I fought with the doctor who where telling me I might have cancer. Yes I was scared but I knew I was going to die right then, Jesus I went in for a back ache! So I demanded they remove the IV. I would come back after I have seen my pet get the help he needed. We went crazy trying to find our son and beloved Clyde. When we reach there I was told we where too late, he had passed. I was crushed! it has been a year and it still bring me to tears. I cried so hard. I had him cremated and kept his bracelet. My husband knew it was heart wrenching for me and we look for another little guy. We found a goffin breeder about an hour from our home and went to look at a 1 month bird and 2 month old. I wanted both of them, unfortunately we could only afford one. My husband wanted the older one. I was pulled between the two so I agreed. He still needed to be feed with a syringe but was a little large and thought it was better for the kids. Valentine is his name, Vally for short. He is the most personal little guy you would every meet. He loves to leap on my head at night, and yes I let him sleep in bed with us for several months. Until I left my lap top open and he tore all my keys off. So now he sleeps in his cage and when my husband has duty he sleeps with me. He loves to be right by me and will go under my hand like a dog or a cat and want to be petted. He cleans my teeth, sits on my head (I am short) and I give this little 8oz wonder as much attention a I possible can. He loves oatmeal with cinnamon and nutmeg a little butter and milk and I top it with whatever fresh nuts I have. I make him what ever we are eating minus the salt and pepper or other harsh seasonings. He sits on my shih zu and chases the cat. He forgets he is small and can be crushed with one innocent love bite from another animal, so I keep him within reach when he is out and about. Our cat Sabby and he play. Sabby lays on his cage and then plays between the bars. He talks, but not in front of me, when he can't see me. He has a beautiful voice and talks very clear. When I come down in the morning he sqeeks out HI HI HI. All happy the morning has started and he is getting his fresh water and food for the start of the day. I change his food and water morning, noon, and night. And make it a point to spend at least an hour a day with him, if not more. Birds are a beautiful pet and you can raise them to be very cuddly and loving, enjoy!"

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