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"I have two African Feather Catfish and I cannot find any information about breeding except everyone says they cannot be breed in captivity - well I believe mine have tried twice now and I have had them for about a year. I purchased them from a pet store nearly 8 inches long and they were in a tank with much smaller featherfin fish. The first time I believe they breed I discovered something that looked like a very large pea size round 'egg' floating in my tank - the edges were brick red with what appeared to be an abundance of minute clear to white looking moving stuff then as I was trying to put it in my floating netted fry cage it burst. Now recently one of my featherfin has been displaying an unusual swimming pattern of twirling every so often before resting in its favorite place - this evening while looking at the tank I noticed lots of nearly micro size small beads on the side of one of the their caves. Oh, they have been friendlier than usual lately too. Well I removed the cave to investigate because I thought something was on it that should not be when I started thinking that mayby my fish layed eggs there. I entered a search for information and came to this website. I do not know if these were eggs or not - I am so dissappointed if they were - I am assuming they will breed again if I maintain my tank properly which I am trying to do but I am an amateur - I have had my tank for only a year now. I was searching for a photo of what their eggs are supposed to look like, but all I get is that they are egg layers. Can anyone please help me to know if these were and I really mean were eggs or something that should not be in the tank - ?I really need to know because I want to do the best I can to take care of these fish, plus if they really breed why when all the comments I read are "not in captivity" - they are beautiful fish - one gets really dark black with even darker spots and the other not as dark - they are gentle fish in a tank with angel fish - they will avoid swimming in an area with the angel fish if the angel fish are in a group - the angel fish will swim where ever they want with no regard to surrounding fish, but are group swimmers - so - please send a comment if you know about the featherfin fish and what I might have messed up by removing their cave - or if it was something that should not have been in it - I felt the substance on the side of the cave and it was like micro size cavier and felt like wet beads - not round in shape but oval vertically. If they were eggs I would like help with knowing what else to look for so i can be prepared the next time they breed - if it was not I would like help with taking care of my tank -sincerest appreciation for anyone return comments."

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