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"I have a full grown Featherfin named Igor that was sold to me as a Pleco, he was in horrible condition at this crappy fish store at our local mall. He was missing all of his barbels, his entire 'feather fin' he was totally blind, and he was missing his hump at the base of his tail. He was in a tank with crayfish that were eating him alive and he was so malnorished I could actually see his bones. I bought him and brought him home and put him in my 20 gal goldfish tank and was thinking I would at least let him die in peace without crayfish eating him......lets just say to make a long story short, a year later he is now the king of my 100 gal fish tank (bought special for him) all of his fins and barbels grew back, he has full vision, and is currently on my bad side for eating my 25 dollar Blue Prong. This species of fish is a remarkable healer if given the proper care, Igor will actually eat bloodworms out of my hand now, cause when he was blind and had no barbels I would have to push the food practically in his mouth, now he sees me coming and will swim to the top of the tank and take his bloodworm snack. He is by far my favorite fish (and the only one with a name actually!) and I would recommend this fish to anyone who is ready to take the step up from goldfish! Just watch your Prongs!"

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