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"Someone help!!! I have the strangest external parasite problem in my tank. I have Gouramis, one Cory and one Albino cat. The Cory, and ONLY the Cory is affected. It gets these little white dots (no, it's not ich, I've kept fish for 30 years and know what ich looks like), they stick out from the body and get longer like white spikes or threads - not very long, but definitely growing away from the body. I read books, browsed web sites, went to pet stores and asked many experienced people and no one knows. The parasites don't bother the other fish at all. I scooped the Cory out and quarantined it for three weeks. The moment I put it into the quarantine tank, the white organisms were gone - must have fallen off in my main tank? Isolated Cory for three weeks, no sign of parasites and none in my main tank, so put Cory back. A week or so later, white thread parasite worms are back on Cory again. They aren't visible swimming around in the water or on other fish. This time I treated the main tank with chelated copper, general remedy for external parasites. Very shortly after I put it in the water the Cory reacted and the white parasites came off it's body on a clear membrane that separated off Cory's body. Copper treatment is supposed to be good for one month. Parasites recurred a few weeks later. So I just treated again (Sept 28). This has been going on since early July!!! I wish I could identify what I'm dealing with so I can get RID of it once and for all. Has anyone had this experience? I lost one golden gourami, but with no sign of the parasite. The others are okay so far, but get stressed as treated water kills the good bacteria in the mulm layer and water quality is affected by treatment. Albino cat is fine, as if nothing is going on."

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