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"I have had my beautiful Gypsy for two years now. She will be nine in October. I adopted gypsy from a friend who was extremely busy and couldn't commit to caring for gypsy any more, he had gypsy for six and a half years. Gypsy is a chewer/plucker and has been since she was young, a year or so roughly. The breeder who sold gypsy originally to the pet store failed to mention gypsy had a gimp foot which causes gypsy to fall from her perch causing her a severe injury, in which my friend chose to keep her for several years. Gypsy had literally cracked her chest open as a baby and basically started plucking and chewing her feathers then and has pretty much continued ever since. To prevent injuries, ever since her first fall as a baby, her cage floor is padded with pillows or foam bed toppers to protect her when/if she falls from her perch. It does make cleaning her cage more work but she is more than worh the work. She talks fairly well- says hi gypsy, hi gypsy girl, makes kissing sounds, lots of other odd and funny sounds, unfortunately she says a few swear words as her former owner was male, she also tells my other birds to shut up ( I have two quaker parrots), she was with other birds in the past also. She loves to play with any kind of a ball, and if she doesn't like a food, or is just being silly she'll run (actually hobble) to the nearest corner and make like she's a chicken and do these hilarious motions likes she's truly a chicken. She's a huge suck and very affectionate now compared to our first 6 months where my arm had several bruises/ lumps etc from our adjustment period during her first six months with me. She nuzzles me with her beak, stretches her neck and cuddles under my neck and coos. She loves to play with my male quaker Romeo they are hilarious! Gypsy and my female quaker Juliet have a mutual respect for each other for the most part but don't really interact that much together as they both compete for Romeos time and affection lol. I love my Gypsy girl! I'm so glad I adopted her as she has made huge progress. Unfortunately I've been told she's probably done folical damage and her feathers will never grow in where she's chewed them ( her entire stomach- she constantly gets new feathers and always has light feathers on her tummy but will never be full feathers, also back of her neck is a small area she picks/chews and each wing (shoulder area) are tiny spots she pick/chews.She no longer picks/chews her feathers on her neck and legs which makes me happy. I spray bathe her five days a week and blow dry her on low heat which she loves and her healthy feathers are beautiful and vibrant. She also had beak issues in which she'd get overgrowth and the bottom part of her beak was very brittle and prone to fine cracks. I have her groomed every six weeks and a piece of cuttlebone every other day has resolved her brittle lower beak which is wonderful as the calcium has strengthened her beak. Our home would not be the same without our gypsy girl!!!"

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