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"My boyfriend and I found a baby squirrel last September in our back yard. It was so scared and tiny, my heart went out to the poor thing, and to tell you the truth he still has it! I bottle fed him and raised him to about 15 months old. He lived in the house with us, he was messy and very curious. He never bit me and I held him everyday. I was supprised to see how smart he was, he looked out the window a lot because he wanted to go outside. I was scared he would freeze to death so I tried to keep him inside, but one day I got up late and he was no where to be found, he had gotten out! I cried my eyes out. I called my boyfriend at work and he tried to reassure me that he would come back, and for me to go outside and call him, but Sweet Weet was nowhere. That was the saddest day I can ever remember having. Tony, my boyfriend, said when I called him to tell him that our baby was gone I sounded more pitifull than any thing he ever heard. That night it was about 21 degrees outside, but I sat awake with all three doors to the house open in case he got too cold maybe he would come in. It started to rain I went outside in the rain, freezing, with a flashlight looking for my baby... i have tears in my eyes now just thinking about that precious little baby. A few days go by and I couldnt deal with it anymore. I called my daughter that lives about 46 miles from me, she had a friend that had also found a baby squirrel, I ask her to see if I could buy the little girl. For fifty dollars I was MOMMY again. I went to pick her up, it's crazy, but I was so excited when I got home. Tony was at the front door smiling, waiting to see her. She was about 11 weeks old and so tiny. Well one morning about 3 months later I woke up and she was gone, someone left the door open and she got out. I cried again, so so sad. I went outside everyday hoping to see her. We live on a dirt road in the country so to speak. I cant see my neighbors and there is mostly wooded areas around our home. After about 3 weeks of no sign of a squirrel I said a prayer. Well that evening I walked out behind the house and there were 4 squirrels, 2 of them ran, but 2 stayed. One was Sweet Weet, I could tell by a distinct marking on his fur, and my little girl Sweetie Pie. She tried to climb over a metal pole to get to me but couldn't. Finally she went around it and she hopped to me like a bunny rabbit. I didn't reach out to touch her because I was worried I would frighten her away. She went to a tree and climed up it about 2 feet and let me talk to her a little while, then she went back to the woods. Its been 2 or 3 weeks and I havent seen them again. I want a squirrel so bad I can hardly stand it. I LOVE THEM LITTLE BABIES"
"Patricia Diane Nixon"

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