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" TODAY i awoke as i always have , to "Baby Girl and Bubba" just starting to stir. They get up and start looking for food in my hands or in places that they have hidden stuff in. Baby Girl is an 8 month old grey/black mix and Bubba is a jet black 6 months old. My big cat, "Little bear" sleeps with me and the two girls will sneek around him knowing that he is still asleep. Sometimes Baby, will crawl into my chest area and curl up in my hands after she awakes, and fall back asleep. She is jealous of Bubba and chases her away for my affections. The love i have for each of them is familiar and unique like all the testemonies i have been reading on this site, and was lucky i found it. I rent a room and live in Ontario, Canada and after living here since Aug. (where i found Bubba) of this yr. 2006, the landlord called the wildlife officer a week ago. He showed up pounding on my door, said it was illegal to have squirrels. If i didnt sirrender my 2 (kids) over to him today he would charge me and take me to court. My heart was torn from my chest, and still is. It was just 2 days ago, that both of them were getting along and i was moving to a farm so i could keep them better. When i had to put them in their cages and take them away from their nap baskets, they reminded me of a story i once watched on TV of the childrens Aid taking, no ripping 2 young kids away and out of their adopted mother's arms because the natural mother wanted them back. My girls were clinging to the bars upside down, and biting the bars and terrified and sticking their little hands out like a coon would to touch you. I know they were crying, when i stuck my finger in to touch her mouth, she put it in her mouth and held it there but never hurt me. I havent even gotten any photos of them! I had little collars on them that they didnt mind. He called the Bowmenville Zoo, near hear, and they said they would take and put them there as an exibit. I packed their night baskets and my things that were familiar to them and kissed them each on their little whiskers, and said good-buy. What else could i do? My xmas is ruined this yr."

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