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"About a month ago my husband comes with a shoebox this little 'thing' in the corner; I thought he was pulling a prank & had a mouse, but he said he found a baby squirrel in his mom's yard across the street. He said look on the internet & find out what to do with it. So I did & found out she was approximately 4-5 weeks old, eyes still closed. I started feeding her puppy milk from a can with a plastic syringe, & she has been doing great. Now she's probably 8 weeks old & I've just fallen in love with her. You bond when you're feeding them like a baby & know that they depend on you so much. She is sweet & has a great appetite! I still feed her some formula, sometimes with whipping cream, apple sauce, or mashed banana. She also eats on her own avocado, strawberry, banana, mango, carrot, & she'll nibble on pecans & cheerios. She doesn't really care much for the rodent block, but nibbles on it a little, but the same piece has been in there for days (I clean her dish everyday, & it doesn't look touched so I put it back in there.) She loves chewing on the sticks in her pen & I saw her nibbling on her calcium stone so was happy about that. She'll try nibbling on ME & I try to discourage her by given her a special stick I bought for them to chew on. She loves to go to sleep in my pocket of my hoodie, so now that's our thing; after I feed her I put a hoodie on with pockets & walk around the house & do stuff for HOURS and she's snoozing away! I love it! We have 2 small dogs & 2 cats inside & I've tried to introduce her to them & the one dog acts like she wants to eat her, & she other is very protective (she would stare when I'd feed her as a baby & sometimes lick the squirrel.) She other dog did more than 'try to lick', she snapped at her! & I said no way, you're staying away from her!! The one cat doesn't really pay attention to her & the other one watches with interest (not sure what's she thinking though!)Rocky (the squirrel) is running around a lot more & will scamper around on the couch & I have to watch her closely so the other animals don't get any ideas. Tillie, the one cat who shows interest, swatted toward her a couple times, I think playing, but still being careful. And the protective dog, Precious, doesn't know what to think with her bouncing around; it startles her & I have to watch to make sure she doesn't step on Rocky trying to get away from her. I love Rocky & so glad she's part of our lives! She's soft, fuzzy, and just a blessing to me, because I've never raised a small animal like that so it feels good that I've done well so far and she's alive & healthy. I like finding out about other people who raise squirrels & learning more about what to do to keep her happy! Sorry so long, just had a lot to say about my girl! :)"

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