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"You know, I used to have 2 Feeder Goldfish; AKA common goldfish. I had them for a good 5 months. they'd grown to be about 5 inches long. they were both so adorable. I also had them with an Oranda, and 2 Calico Fantails in a 20 gallon aquarium. I thought that they were lonely and needed a friend, so I got them a little comet. He was so adorable, but I didn't think he would do any harm to the tank and the rest of the fish. Well, this is what happened. He was sick. The newbie was sick with ick and soon died. And then my other fish had gotten red stripes down their tails as if they were really stressed out and then had little white specks. I didn't want them to die and neither did my mother, but crud happens. They all died. That was one extremely tragic night for me when the last one that had survived for 3 days; (the others didn't last as long), which was a feeder, died. OMG, I was crying so much. It taught me a huge lesson, never add any fish to the tank when it has already been established. (ESPECIALLY if that fish is from Petco). I'd never buy my fish from there ever again. Such sick fish they have in those feeder tanks, boy. The only fish I'll be getting from there ever again is the betta. I got 2 of my bettas from that place, and 1 from Scuffy's Pet Center in Wayne, NJ. The 2 that I got from Petco are great, but the one from Scuffy's seems to be sick. And I got him a long while ago. I trust Scuffy's, I just don't trust Petco. Anyway, Feeder Goldfish (Commons) are great fish. They rock! I love them ever so much. Very strong fish. If you don't have one, get one! They rule!"

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