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"I must say I have learned a lot with "Lucky" my goldfish. He was my starter fish. Well him and two others. But two died. They got sucked up into the filter. Yap...learned my lesson on that one. And truth be told that is how Lucky got his name. He was the only one left. So he was.... lucky. We started him out in a 20 gallon tank. He has had filters, heat and bubbles from day one. Now he is in a 120 gallon tank all by himself. He is about 8 to 9 inches long. Lucky is almost 13 years old now and on January 10th 2010 we noticed he was not his normal self. It is now January 26th 2010 and we have done and are still doing EVERYTHING we can possible think of to help make him better. His symptoms are: laying at the bottom of the tank, pop-eye, trying to swim but he ends up on his side. He was bloated, his scales where protruding and had not went poop in sometime. So we have went from Constipation, to Swim Bladder Disorder, to Dropsy, to Septicemia. And NOW I am at a loss. We have done so much, water changes of 20% or more, at one point we did a complete water change removing all the old rock with new. (He really loves new water)It has been a roller coaster ride with him doing good and then he goes back down-hill again. We added Aquarium Salt to his tank as suggested by a pet store to help pull out the fluid that was causing the bloating. That worked cause now he is skinning. Scales are much better he looks normal again rather than a pine cone. He is starting to now show black spots on his scales. I forget what it was called, but they stated that it is a sign of the fish's body healing itself. He still is very weak. Not swimming around and not beinging able to stay up straight. We have been hand-feeding him for about a week now. It was to the point to where he was laying on his side and we where having to pick him up by hand and lean him againest something, because he couldn't get up by himself. And today was the first day that he has actually trying to chase my hand. (it's cute) it acts as if he is starving. Tonight he has been able to sit up by him self for short periods of time and is becoming more active. He has also got on his side and got his own self up quite a few times tonight without our help. But he is still no Normal Lucky. He swims slowly, and only a inch or so at a time, then he stops and takes a break. He is always at the bottom of the tank. He hasn't tried to swim up in a week. Also I seen about 2 days ago a clear like string about an inch or so long with almost hair like things on it floating in the tank. The tank was just cleaned 100%. And then tonight he was resting against his ship and I went down to feed him and there was this long string like thing that almost looked like feces, but it was red and brown. We have treated him and his tank with Maracyn-Two and also a Gel-Tek Medication Food with Tetracycline. That treatment was completed almost 36 hours ago. At that time it called for a 20 % water change, but with the tank water beinging a yellow color and Lucky doing VERY bad, I decided to do a 70% water change. It has been a little over 24 hours since his water change out. He is showing an inprovement tonight, but I hate to get my hopes up because his health is always changing. Tonights testing showed the Nitate levels at 20ppm. and the Ammonia leavel now is 0.25 ppm. We are trying to get them back down to 0.0 ppm. We have been checking for PH levels as well. Ph Looks good. But does ANYONE have any sugguestions??? Is there something I am missing? Lucky is our pride and joy! With his very own personality! This fish has been through a lot over the years, putting up with us as newbie fish parents. I have to do all that I can to help him. So please if you know of anything, Please help."

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