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"Last month we were on the blist of a heat wave, here in Rochester New York even. We kept the Chinnies indoors for the duration. It was so hot they just layed in the bottom of their cage for most the duration. Something above changed and the weather began to improve. First, a few days of light to moderate rain, temperature decreased to the 70's, and the humidity was down to the 50 percentile. That was just fine for all of us, including the chinnies. The weather was partly cloudy at early hour in the upper 60's, I set them outside in the shaded area. Two hours later it wasn't so shaded but the temperature was still only 74. At that time I noticed two of the furballs real excited about something and I assumed it was they were just trying to get out of the cage. I again observed the temperature was at 75 degrees F. I monitor the temp with a calibrated thermo-couple to +/- 1 degree F tolerance. 20 minutes later My wife and daughter were in agony. They found all 4 chinnies past out, one was also due in the next weeks. The outside temperature was about 78 degrees. So we thought it was something unexplainable. We took them to the animal hopspital only to find that we would need a biopsy. Well the end result was they all died but one. The mother, with young, sadly didn't make it. These little charmers have been the dearest little pets. Yes they can bite from time to time but never serious. All but one was lost. After calling around, we learned from a rancher, original rancher where they were bought from, that ultraviolet radiation did the trick. Even the animal hospital was unaware of ultraviolet radiation. Every living life form has its means to control body heat, as perfect as these critters may seem, they have one strong set back, heat stroke: The symptoms (human) of heatstroke include: Fever (temperature above 104"
"K Noack"

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