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"I have had my Catalina Macaw for over 5 years now! Prior to, he was my brother-in-law's bird. He's in his "terrible teens", lol. He loves to go for car rides (van only...hates the mustang). There is about a 15 minute window before he begins regurgitating (he really loves me)! I've read and heard their vocubulary is approx. 15 to 25 words. informed, this is an extremely conservative estimate. My "Buddy" (Budweiser)has a vocabulary in excess of 50 words and min. 20 full phrases/sentences, that are most of the time-used in context with full appropriate expression. And that's only what I've heard! This is excluding his sound imitations, little dog & big dog barks, eeeew, kissing, coughing, sneezing, opera singing (I don't have the heart to tell him he's no "song bird"), whistling, laughing, humming, sighs, Uuuugh-I'm sick sounds, etc. He hasn't met a yellow nape or African Grey yet that he hasn't "put to shame" in a verbal war! He was raised with another Macaw and a Nape and I wonder how much influence that had on his verbal skills? To this day, I'm amazed at what comes out of his mouth. Since new things are always "popping" out of his mouth-that he didn't hear at home! For over a year, at approx. 8pm every night, He'd call out "Boo Bear". I had no idea why until my brother in law was at my house and heard him calling "BooBear". Boo Bear was a dog my brother in laws-father had when Buddy was a baby! His new phrase for this week, "That's enough-You better behave". He's in his rebellious/teenage years and reminds me of this daily with his "whatever, shut up and spoiled brat"! I recently began fostering a handicapped (one leg) female Green Wing, who supposedly only said "I love you" and "Hello"...whether her owner (tsfrd. overseas for military duty) didn't know, or Buddy has had an influence...within the short 3 weeks she's been with us, I have heard her say many of the same phrases and words as him. I'm worried about him being a bad influence on her and the four letter words will start coming out soon. lol My buddy is a spoiled, bratty, narcicist and I wouldn't trade him for the world! When both my cats (a year apart) were losing their battles with cancer, Buddy would go stand next to them and just gaze at them. It was as though he was trying to comfort them in some way. Prior to them getting sick, he never gave a care in the world about those cats. Didn't even acknowledge their existence. After they both passed to kitty heaven, he didn't speak for several days. I think he was grieving or allowing me to do so. I can't ever imagine beginning my day without hearing, "Goin to work-crappy work-hurry up"...and ending my day with kisses, "I love you-see you in the morning"."

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