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"I have a 10 year old buggie male, this is my 3rd one in my 51 yrs of life. I got to tell anyone that just got a buggie, don't ever give up. Just when you are about to quit... they start talking! Spend as much time as you can with them. Have them on your finger and talk very slowly to them, repeating over and over to them. Pronounce the words, buggies will pick up certain letters in a word. They talk very fast, eventually it will slow down. They are more friendly to you if they don't have another bird with them. They are very social but you have to give them a lot of attention. They will back off at first, but have a routine with them, and don't give up! It took me 6 months with Tigger, now he talks all the time. He does forget some sentences. He use to say "here kitty ,kitty kitty" and "hi sweetie". His w's are not pronounced very well but his r's are overexagerated! We keep the cage open when we are home. He gets depressed and quiet if he is caged when we are home. He loves all human food except sweets except for fruits, although he wants some of yours, he won't eat it in his cage only if it is greens. He loves Cherrios, the pet store told me that was a great treat! When I am not at home I put on the radio for him. If not he gets sad, and yes, you can tell their moods. He loves to be kissed on the beek and the louder and funnier you talk to him he will get very excited and want to play. His favorite toy besides mirrors is a cat buzz ball. He will knock it down to the floor and play soccer with it and do a little dance thingy that cracks everybody up! He loves to sit on your shoulder and just hang out! He LOVES jewelery! They were thieves years ago when they lived on islands... so they are mischievous! He is the love of my life and loves to play with my two dogs too! I also had 2 cats that he loved to tease, he dive bombed them a lot. Eventually the cats just left him alone or just would lay and watch him play soccer on the floor. He is still very healthy. I guess I feel it is because we give him a lot of fresh food, good healthy stuff, although he will fight with you for your spagetti! A very simple toy is a spoon... they love their reflection. He talks to shiny pans and windows a lot, he has quite the character! My advice is just spend a lot of time with them. Make sure you have them in a room where you are mostly in and away from doors and drafts! This little $14 bird has been the joy in my life!"

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