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"I rescued my Samson when I was 16 years old! He had a girlfriend called Delila but unfortunately she died 10 years later. Samson was on his own! It was a very sad time! Samson is now 26 years old going on 27. My mum had a lot of pets between Delila passing and Samson didn't get the attention he needed. I was growing up doing teenager stuff! However, when I was home he always got my attention and time, looking back on it now it simply was not enough! Very un-fair! However, my mother passed away too so I took Samson to live with me as my dad is nearly blind and couldn't look after him! He has come on leaps and bounds since I have had him! He really does not like to be held but likes to hold my finger in his beak and enjoys playing little games with me! He is my little man! I love him so much! Unfortunately Samson is not well and has been admitted to hospital for over a week now! This was due to a pet-shop selling me bad food! Because of his age his liver could not filter the rubbish food fast enough! How bad do I feel! His liver is swollen, his blood count is down & his calcium needs building up! Why was I so stupid to change his regular food (seed) supply! He is now eating Tidy-mix while he is in hospital but they told me he is not that keen on it but he is eating some of it! I have bought this food for his return. Pet shop food is not the way forward! Mind you.... he is 26 years old and has the right to be a fussy old man, he has earned it! lol! What really upsets me is that these pet stores are getting away with selling this rubbish! I feel really bad on the point I did so much research on what he could eat instead of what he shouldn't eat! Hopefully, if all goes well he should be home on Wednesday or Thursday. That will be 2 weeks in the hospital! Bless him! How old do Blue Crowns actually live to? I have googled it and it tells me 20 to 30 years old! If this is so.... I must be a very lucky person to still have my little man Samson! However, I do not want him to suffer any pain and I hope that keeping him in the hospital going through tests and giving him drugs is the right thing to do!? It feels right in my gut feeling, however, his age is what I am battling with! He has never in 26 years been ill! I am struggling with making sure I am doing the right thing! Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it. I really miss him and I want him to come home, his friend Schawlie (an African Grey) really miss's him too, she won't come out of cage or eat her fruit and veg, just a little seed but she is not happy right now! Sorry.... I went on a bit there! However, I really want to do the right thing by him and it's hard to speak to people that do not understand how wonderful these birds are! Very much kind regards! Jennie"

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