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" I owned the most amazing guinea pig (and some male). She was a light gray short-haired beauty, though I don't know her breed. We keep her outside in a hutch... that is what they're called, yes? Well, one day I went out to give her water, and the door was wide open. I immediately started looking for her, hoping she was hiding somewhere nearby. After searching for an hour or two, I gave up and thought a neighbor's cat or a wild coyote had eaten her. The next day, when I went to water my tomatoes, I heard a little squeak. I looked under a bush, and there she was! She had a little den, and I decided that since that area was so sheltered, I would let her stay there. For a few weeks, I would visit her often, and she learned to come when called. If I was sitting, she would run right up and jump into my lap. One day she didn't come. I got very worried and again thought she had been eaten at last, but to my amazement when I looked under her bush, her little babies looked back! I was so happy! Some of the babies died, but a few lived though none came to me. Then, once again, the guinea pigs disappeared. When I looked under the bush, they weren't there. For days I didn't see them. Remember how I grow tomatoes? Well, I was out to pick and water the tomatoes, but when I got there, there sat the piggies, munching away on my tomatoes! I got them out and put them back in the bush. They were happy there for quite some time. About a year passed, and all the guinea pigs were still in tact. Then one night I here shrill guinea pig screams in my yard. I ran out just in time to see the animal slip away. All of my poor guinea pigs were dead. A while later I got a big shaggy dog. In memory of the wild guinea pigs of North America. :D"
"E : )"

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