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"We have had an albino corn snake since April of this year and LOVE him. He has been the best pet. I just wish I had discovered snakes as pets before I discovered dogs and cats. Very easy to care for. Our albino is very docile, loves to be held, has never coiled or offered to strike, has never hissed. We feed him in a separate plastic container so that he does not associate our hand coming into his home as offering food. In late May, we got a ghost corn snake. We keep her in a separate home than our albino, though they are about the same size (now about 18 inches). She is not as friendly as our albino, though she still has not offered to strike. She does become somewhat apprehensive when you try to pick her up and she does get in the striking position sometimes. She is not as comfortable being held and when in her home, she hides most of the time, while our albino loves lying in his tree or on the sand. We bought them at different stores so I imagine they were handled differently in the stores and that is why they are so different now. Or I guess they could just have different temperaments like people do!"
"Lisa P. Whitten"

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