This Week in the Animal World: Pit Bull loves ducks, Pet costumes, and more!

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Pet and Animal Roundup, What’s New this Week?

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To help you stay up to date with what’s happening around the animal world on social media and the news, here are some of the pet and animal items that caught our attention during the week of October 11-17, 2014.


  1. Stylish guinea pig costumes
    Check Out These Adorable Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes
  2. Top of the scale for pit bull friendliness
    Meet Sharky, The Pit Bull Who Is Friends With Bunnies, Cats, And Ducks
  3. Diver’s take pumpkin carving to a whole new level
    There’s something fishy about these jack-o-lanterns


  1. Dog lover’s make the best dates
    17 Reasons It’s Way Better To Date A Dog Person
  2. Horses decked out for Halloween
    13 Horses That Couldn’t Be Less Excited About Halloween
  3. A lazy hamster… or just plain smart!
    This Hamster Has A Novel Way Of Using His Wheel


  1. Miniature horses, pets for the passionate
    Small horses, big possibilities
  2. It’s party time for horses in Mexico
    Mexico Celebrates Its Charro Horse Tradition
  3. When is a dragon… not a dragon?
    Smaug: Here There Be Dragons


  1. Friends don’t have to look like you, talk like you, or walk like you
    Animals And Their Amazing Best Friends
  2. Living the dream, a life with horses
    PETPOURRI: Family’s dream for horses comes true at Horse Heaven
  3. Keeping a rare dog breed alive, nomad style!
    Kazakh nomads fight to preserve rare dog breed
  4. Animal people, they’re not who you think they are!
    Pet Words of Wisdom – Animal people make the day!


  1. How about a swim in a shark filled aquarium?
    Jaws-dropping! Swim with sharks in exotic Dubai
  2. Snakes in a techie world!
    Meet The Next Big Thing: Robotic Snakes
  3. Astrology with a “bird’s eye view”
    I am… S. Shiva, parrot astrologer
  4. Parrot gone for 4 years, comes home speaking a new language
    Parrot Missing for Years Returns Speaking Spanish


  1. Pets and the Ebola virus
    Ebola and Pets
  2. Keeping pets safe and happy on Halloween
    Protecting Pets From Halloween Horrors
  3. When a dog attack happens…
    5 Things To Do During A Dog Attack
  4. The dream job of every cat!
    Cat Hired As Official Mouse Catcher
  5. Dissolving corals combat ocean acidification
    Artificial coral offers solution to endangered reefs
  6. Who’d a thought, marine fish liking oil rigs!
    Oil Platforms are Good Fish Habitats


  1. Horses in diapers!
    Town passes ordinance to diaper horses
  2. Misguided snake eats the mouse trap instead of the mouse!
    Rat Snake Eats Mouse Trap
  3. Pig-nosed Turtle at risk in China
    China Is Pushing the Rare Pig-Nosed Turtle Toward Extinction
  4. Just how many fish can a fisherman eat?
    Foodstuffs: Two ‘Nerds’ Catch, Eat Their Way Through New Hampshire’s Freshwater Fish

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