This Week in the Animal World: Pet Lions in the swimming pool, and more!

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  1. Pet Lion in the Pool
    Pet lion hangs around the swimming pool or rests just about any place it pleases; on the kitchen floor, in the office, in the den, or on the bed. “Yes, That’s Just the Pet Lion in the Swimming Pool” shows incredible views of the pet lion “Neal” hanging out with the family of Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith.
  2. Mini pigs playing dress-Up
    These little guys are just too cute to be true, and just in time for Halloween. Two pink miniature pigs, about the size of stuffed animals, showoff in cute Winnie-the-Pooh outfits. Mini Pigs Play Dress-Up
  3. Grumpy Cat faces off with a pumpkin
    Halloween can’t get much better than this, Grumpy Cat poises alongside his jack-o-lantern likeness. Grumpy’s face is carved into a pumpkin by sculptor Ray Villafane, to create the “grump-o-lantern” – Grumpy Cat Meets the First-Ever Grump-O-Lantern, Face-to-Face.
  4. Sports fan parrot “cheers” as owner scores each goal
    Radamel Falcao has a parrot (called Coco) that squawks ‘goal from Falca’ each time the Manchester United striker scores


  1. “Seeing-eye” cat leads blind dog by the tail
    Stray cat befriends blind dog and then becomes his eyes by leading him around with tail
  2. Video chatting with your dog
    You Can Now Video Chat Your Dog Thanks To This Brilliant Teen’s Invention
  3. Incredible photos of rare and unusual frogs and salamanders
    Amazing Portraits of the World’s Rarest Amphibians
  4. Starting a small dairy farm
    Getting Started in Small-Scale Dairy Farming
  5. Warm waters not bad for all corals
    Will some coral ‘win’ in a warmer ocean?


  1. Rabbits bigger than your dog!
    Thirty-Pound Rabbits?! A Montco Zoo Shows Off Its ‘Gentle Giants’
  2. Fish with human teeth
    Monster-Like Fish With ‘Human Teeth’ Caught In Russian River
  3. Pets eat the strangest things
    X-rays of pets and the weird things they eat
  4. Lizards opening doors
    How to train your dragon: lizards taught to open doors
  5. Farming corals for human bones
    Scientists Are Farming Coral for Human Bones


  1. Sharks can be social too
    Animal ‘Personalities:’ Some Sharks Are Shy, Others Like Hanging Out
  2. Butterflies hold the secret to permanent color
    Butterfly wings hold secret to paint that never fades
  3. Getting a “grip” with guinea pigs, older folks thrive with animal handling
    Animal handling sessions help relieve social isolation among older people
  4. Horses are great healers
    Psychology: Using horses as a healing tool
  5. Is a Hydra… an “immortal”
    The Hydra, an Animal that Can (Theoretically) Live Forever


  1. Chinese bird check, “bums-for-bombs”
    Paranoid Chinese Officials Look for Bombs in 10000 Pigeon Bums
  2. Ocean cruising in a human-sized floating hamster ball
    Bermuda Triangle Doesn’t Like Runner in Giant Hamster Ball
  3. People complaining about feeding birds and critters in the yard
    Maine woman sued for feeding birds and critters in her yard

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