Fresh Step Cat Video Contest Almost Over

How can anyone not love these furry little critters?!? Entries from the Fresh Step contest will change anyone’s mind.

I entered the Fresh Step contest about a month ago, and have been checking back routinely to see the competition that my little Bridget is up against. Long and short of it: her chances might be getting sort of slim.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t been reading Fresh Step has been running a contest where anyone can upload their video of their cat doing something silly, cute, crazy, awesome, beautiful, funny, whatever to the Fresh Step YouTube page and have a chance at their cat being featured in a national Fresh Step advertisement. If you want to enter simply click here – – and follow the instructions at the top right hand part of the page.

I’m not sure how anyone could see some of these entries and not adore cats.

  • Watch this one for instance:
    Really?!? I have a new meaning in my life and some people still complain that cats are no fun?
  • Or this:
    Honestly, there is a reason cats have been such a perennial favorite pet. They are smart, clean, fun to watch, fun to pet, and just so awesome to have around. Some people say they don’t do anything or they don’t obey, but clearly the first part is not true and the second part is just part of their nature. They may not obey, but as all us cat lovers know, they are still loyal and loving.
  • Check out this final entry from the contest:

Those three are my favorites. Though I love Bridget I maintain that she has some tough competition from some of you guys, but the game is still afoot!

If you liked those videos be sure to check out the rest at the Fresh Step contest page here –

Note: In full-disclosure, this post is part of a sponsorship campaign with Clorox’s Fresh Step Cat Litter’s YouTube contest in coordination with Lijit Networks, Inc. I received compensation for these posts, but the opinions expressed here are my own. I also run third-party advertisements through Lijit, compensated on a CPM-basis.


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