The Velvet Finger Montipora

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Velvet Finger Montipora - Montipora digitataVelvet Finger Montipora
Montipora digitata

“Velvet, rich and luzurious. Want to indulge yourself with the most visually decadent texture?… Well, that’s me!”

The Velvet Finger Montipora is a favorite coral for beginning reef keepers due to its

ease of care!

This coral, the Velvet Finger Montipora Montipora digitata is fuzzy and smooth on its surface, with small and uniform polyps. These polyps are fuzzy on this species, as well as many other species. They are called ‘velvet’ simply because they are one of the large Montipora corals – several of them are traditionally called ‘velvet’. This coral is also called the Velvet Branch Coral and the Velvet Coral… Read More

More about the Velvet Finger Montipora!


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